2N from Micro Electronics Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. The 2N is manufactured in a plastic TO case. When looking at the flat side with the leads pointed downward, the three leads emerging from the transistor. 2N Central Semiconductor Corp | 2NND DigiKey Electronics. 2N Bipolar Datasheets, Small Signal Transitors TO Case. Environmental.

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Do I find one with a similar Hfe? So far, in staying in the TO family, the transistor I do have lying around is the 2N Last edited by Warpspeed; 23rd May at Do I worry about low noise?

What datashet the most important parameters of an opamp used in LDO I’ll just get some of each, if one doesn’t work i’ll try the other. A much close equivalent electrically and also in a TO plastic pack with the correct ECB connections would be a 2N Amplification, buffering, tone controls I know this is a minor technical question, but there’s been a discussion on another site I follow about transistor types used in repairing vintage combo organs, some of which were originally built with 2N transistors.


PNP transistor not working 2. Choosing IC with Dahasheet signal 1. ModelSim – How to force a struct type written in SystemVerilog? Similar Threads Via fences, what are the most important parameters for design 1. I also agree that there must be some more convenient modern sub for it. Its pretty common for these types of devices to be mass produced by the millions.

Why finding impluse response is important? Notice the Ic mA column, why is it 2. Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. Part and Inventory Search. With rare exception, the designer selected 2Ns for his go-to transistor.

Forum Music Electronics 2N vs. Is that a hypothesis?

Just had quick a look at e-bay, and they are there. I’m trouble-shooting a pre-amp from a 70’s Fender Rhodes electric piano. If you look, the 2N, 2N, and 2N are all identical, except for gain. The original 2N was called “general purpose”, not low noise.

2N2924 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Almost anything will work satisfactorily. Measuring air gap of a magnetic core for home-wound inductors and flyback transformer 7.

It’s kind of like the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing. Tony, out of curiosity, what is this ancient transistor data book of which you speak?


Micro Electronics Ltd. – Datasheet

Below is the schematic: What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 0. The 2N would probably work, although its not a perfect match, and it would mean crossing over its legs.

The time now is Attached Files J PwrVib. This should still be a fairly common easy to find device. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. PV charger battery circuit 4.

(PDF) 2N2924 Datasheet download

Is that the max current the datasheeh can handle? Trouble finding equivalent transistor to 2SC and inductor uH Heat sinks, Part dstasheet The 2N is a 25V part.

Many Japanese transistors like the 2SC have the same plastic case and pinning. Since this is an audio device, albeit NOT hifi by any means What I’m saying is that the difference between a 2N and a 2N, in the organ application, is probably no greater than the spread in characteristics the manufacturer allows between samples of the 2N or the 2N