AGMA Gear Handbook Gear Classification, Materials and Measuring Methods for Bevel, Hypoid CNCL S/S BY AGMA * CONTAINS FOLDOUT. Buy AGMA A (R) Handbook – Gear Classification, Materials And Measuring Methods For Bevel, Hypoid, Fine Pitch Wormgearing And Racks . Jan 12, Buy AGMA GEAR CLASSIFICATION, MATERIALS AND MEASURING METHODS FOR UNASSEMBLED GEARS from SAI.

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Such discrete elemental measurements of bevel gears are not typical, although sophisticated CMM technology is available and is in use by some manufacturers. Preferred practice is to hold the work gear in the rolling fixture by the same mounting surfaces as those for the final assembly these surfaces are expected to be abma on the engineering drawing.

Please see Publications Catalog for more details. Instead, it is recommended that a V–only measurement be applied to move the pattern to the heel and toe.

This standard provides tolerances for unassembled gears only. The inspection of gearing mated in an assembly for a specific application is beyond the scope of this standard.

Add 1 to the required Cpk value. The teeth sgma be painted with additional gear marking compound after each movement and application. Ball probe readings that stay within normal variations can be used to control the process. This type of measurement on straight, abma, Zerol and hypoid bevel gears can indicate the bias, lengthwise curvature and profile width of the tooth contact pattern.

Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. Examples of contact pattern check. Add to Alert PDF. In some cases, the loaded side may be specified to a higher accuracy than the nonloaded or minimum–loaded side; if applicable, this information is to be specified on the gear engineering drawing see 4. The test machine must be calibrated on a regular basis to assure that the setup does, in fact, duplicate the theoretical mounting positions of the bevel gear pair.


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The specific tolerances for such gears are to be agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. Moreover, no person shall have the right or authority to issue an interpretation of an American National Standard in the name of the American National Standards Institute.

The resulting gear has very small amounts of individual 40 Much of the needed information can be read directly from the analog graph as described above. Lehel Mobi you must have my blog on your bookmarks.

Experienced personnel, using calibrated instruments in a suitable environment, are required. The measurement personnel must be experienced with proper training.

Item Detail – AGMA A

For the tolerances, application ranges on diameter, number of teeth and module refer to 7. These include, but are not restricted to, pitch variation, accumulated pitch variation, profile and alignment variation, crown modification and location of high point of crown.

It provides guidance on specifying quality levels and materials, and also contains information on tooth contact patterns and backlash. These methods permit the user to conduct measuring procedures which are accurate and repeatable to a degree compatible with the specified accuracy. The total movement between the toe and heel readings is obtained by subtracting the heel reading from the toe readings algebraically.

This would be feasible if the tooth–to–tooth variations were separated from the runout or accumulated pitch variations. The top of a gear tooth is the upper portion of the tooth surface. Some design and application considerations may warrant measuring or documentation not normally available in standard manufacturing processes.

Also, if one is trying to evaluate the manufacturing process, it gives a distorted picture of the tooth form that the machine and tool is producing. This revision contained the standards for spur, helical and master gears, added application detail, formulas for gear tolerances in Metric terms, and added tolerance tables in Metric notation.


Practices and measurement methods are included which are recognized and accepted throughout the gear industry as being reliable. Measurement requirements are to be agreed upon by the manufacturer and purchaser.

The theoretical pitch is then subtracted from each actual pitch reading to obtain avma plus and minus values of single pitch variation, fpt. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. However in many cases, this data becomes complex and difficult to read.

Bevel Gear Classification, Tolerances, and Measuring Methods

Data type Data disk: Am I correct in assuming there are no active AGMA specifications for design or quality of face gears? Most bevel gear sets require a specific amount of backlash with tolerance. Correlates gear quality levels with gear tooth tolerances.

Items to be checked include: The measured surface, specified surface or both are compared to a conjugate surface, which is indicated by the straight horizontal and vertical lines in the figure A. The topland of a gear tooth is the surface of the top of the tooth. The results indicate the tolerance that the parts will have to meet to pass the SPC requirements.

Gears with perfect involute tooth forms will roll together with uniform motion. Table 6 — Recommended checking load Load at mesh1 Kg 1.