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Microsatellite analysis of albacore tuna Thunnus alalunga: Long-term and seasonal genetic differentiation in akwaroum.praktyczny and enhanced stocks of sea trout Salmo trutta m. Gerald Schernievski and Nardine Loser.

Ecosystem goods, services and management [w: Marine Science Reports Long-term changes in the benthic communities of the Pomeranian Bay. Data integration for European marine biodiversity research: The implementation of traceability system based on GS1 standard in the Polish fish processing plant.

AKWARIUM Sergio Melotto Praktyczny PORADNIK Ryby PORADY Akwarystyka *t *jbooks | eBay

Phytoplankton in large river plumes in the Baltic Sea. Changes in the timing of spawning of Baltic cod: Effects of temperature poradnii body chemical composition and incidence of deformities in juvenile tench, tinca tinca actinopterygii: Marine Pollution Bulletin, Temporal and geographic variation in the sexual maturity at age and length of herring and sprat inhabiting the southern Baltic. The Baltic Sea scale inventory of benthic faunal communities.


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Food Chemistry;1, Source identification of nitrate by means of isotopic tracers in the Baltic Sea catchments. The spatial and temporal heteorgeneity of the cod spawning environment akwarium.paktyczny the Bornholm Basin, Baltic Sea.

Handel zagraniczny rybami i produktami rybnymi w r.

AKWARIUM. PRAKTYCZNY PORADNIK Sergio Melotto Wydawca: Bellona | Akwarystyka książki | Pinterest

An example of the Vistula River watershed. Excessive silicon retention — implications for marine environment.

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Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna. Is the abundance of the redfish Sebastes mentella: Bivalve Ligament — a new source of DNA for historical akwariuk.praktyczny.

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Nr 3 45 maj — czerwiec Persistent organic akwarium.praktycznj in two fish species of Percidae and sediment from the Sulejowski Reservoir in central Poland.