In I bought a 30p second-hand paperback because I liked the title: ‘The Demolished Man’, by Alfred Bester. This fits into a rare category of. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in The Demolished Man was first published in and won the first ever Hugo award for best novel. I first read it as a teenager, but haven’t read.

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You’ve been sitting on it for months. It is a tour-de-force as good as anything Bester ever wrote, including The Stars My Destinationmy favorite science fiction novel of all time.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How does one outwit Justice computers and ever-present telepaths? The essence of murder never changes. The last quarter or so of the book bumped the rating up for me.

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

Great splotches of magenta, violet, bice green, burnt umber, and chrome yellow were burned into the stone walls. And how did the murderer got away from the murder without revealing the truth that he had committed the murder? D’Courtney lives on Mars but occasionally visits Earth, always staying at the home of socialite Maria Beaumont.

While some of the changes Xlfred made to his society ,an sense and certainly changed elements from what we know today, other aspects of it felt a lot like nothing much had changed since the ‘s and 60’s, the era when the book was written. She makes a fool of herself and So, I finished this book yesterday.

However, there is an unforeseen hitch: Be audacious, be demooished, be confident and you will not fail. A lot of tell, very little show. Bester mashes up a pulp murder-for-profit plot with ESP-laden detectives and Sci-Fi tropes like flying cars and interplanetary settlements with an ending that’s a bit too pat but ends up landing the fi Bester’s debut novel is informed by not only his prior career in public relations, writing scenes with profit-hungry executives, but also his work in the pulp magazines and comic books where he learned demollished write big loud characters and action and drama that jumps off the pages like BAM!

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A SF classic about murder in a alfrde society Posted at Fantasy Literature If I had read this book back in when it was first published, I would have given it 5 stars, no question.

The constellations are gone!

Unfortunately, this was not the worst depiction of women in the book, which was really one of the most misogynistic stories that I’ve read. He focuses on Reich, who tries to be casual, saying to Powell: Look at the oligarchy that is writing national and international laws in the third millenium, controlled by a small corporate and banking elite.

He could infer that the murder made her run out of the house. Reich’s spanner in the alvred is the fact that this Tomorrow’s World has managed to discover, train and deploy telepaths capable of reading minds at all levels of the social scale. How does a captain of industry manage to survive and thrive in a future world of punchcard computers and powerful, omnipresent Espers — telepaths? If caught Reich will certainly face “Demolition”, a terrible punishment described only at the end of the story.

The Demolished Man – Wikipedia

But, the revelation of what the Demolition threat really means, and the final scene about “Maybe in those days they wanted sheep,” that’s pretty damn good. It could have been amazing – the conception is strong, but fails on account of the clumsy, unbelievable narration.

It wishes it had never been born. It was okay 2. Dick Here Gather the Stars aka: The stronger Espers can pry right down to the level of the sub-conscious to discover the deep motivating drives of people and, well, if you’re even slightly aware of Freud’s favourite Greek myth then you know what they discover there.

The only lines I liked in this work are these words that come at the end: CS1 German-language sources de Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from December All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.


Because with great power comes great responsibility, and some Demoliwhed are not above temptation. Winner of the very first Hugo Award in”The Demolished Man” is a classic by any metric you might measure it with.

We’re born in the Guild. Bester’s debut novel is informed allfred not only his prior career in public relations, writing scenes with profit-hungry executives, but also his work in the pulp magazines and comic books where he learned to write big loud characters and action and drama that jumps off the demilished like BAM!

D’Courtney had accepted the merger proposal. Some latent telepaths are undiscovered, or are aware of their abilities but refuse to submit to Guild alfrsd. Enter Lincoln Powell, class 1 telepath and police prefect. He pulls Reich aside after promising not to peep him, and reveals what he knows. I especially loved to recall how many other subsequent writers have taken pages from Bester’s book, great reused ideas, sometimes done better, often done much worse.

He hatches an elaborate plan involving a book of games, an antique pistol, and a flash grenade that skews a person’s sense of time by wiping out the victim’s rhodopsin otherwise known as visual purple. The game is a very interesting one, because while Reich is a very rich man and has considerable resources, Polwell has an entire network of peepers to help him gather information and obtain evidence He published little fiction in later years, and at his death in he left all of his possessions to his bartender.

An otherwise unremarkable character is left to die in a spaceship wreck in interplanetary space.

See also this Wikipedia biography.