Good quality fully solved problems on “Alligation or Mixture” as a subtopic of Aptitude Questions are given on this page. Detailed solution to every problem helps. This is the aptitude questions and answers section on “Alligation or Mixture” with detailed explanation for various interview, competitive examination and. Quantitative aptitude questions and answers, Arithmetic aptitude, Mixture and Alligation, solved examples.

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How to solve Aptitude Alligation or Mixture problems? You may drag this calculator. To appreciate the effort Lofoya.

How much wine the cask hold originally? Number formats Automatic Science Fixed Decimals. A container contains 40 litres of milk.

Alligation and Mixture Questions

What is the number of boys? In what ratio must water be mixed with milk alligwtion Rs. Report Error Kindly mention the details of the error here Time and Work Problems Easy. Tea worth of Rs. Option B is correct The 20 litre mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 3: Now the container will have 16 litres of milk and 4 litres of water.

From this container 4 litres of milk was taken out and replaced by water.


We have to find ‘x’. Now 10 litres of pure milk is added. Answer Let the C.

A milk vendor has 2 cans of milk. Alilgation vessels A and B contain spirit and water in the ratio 5: The quantity can be expressed as ratios or percentage. Cost of 1 kg of 1 st kind Cost of 1 kg tea of 2 nd kind Rs. Option B is correct The best way to solve this problem is to go from the answer choices.

What is the percentage of water in the mixture? How much water must be added to make the ratio 7: A can contains a mixture of two liquids A and B is the ratio 7: Current Affairs — January 19, Problems on Numbers System: Nitasha Mehmi From this container, 10 litres of milk was taken out and replaced by water.

In order to make the ratio of milk to water as 3: Popular Latest Rated Important Formulae. In this question, we are suppose to find the quantity of salt alligatioon costs 42 paise that is mixed.

When 9 litres of mixture are drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A and B becomes 7: He mixed the two. A container contains a mixture of two liquids P and Q in the ratio 7: P of dearer – Mean Price: Add a new comment So, when one removes, 10 litres of the mixture, one is removing 4 litres of milk and 6 litres of water. Above formula is not only true for absolute amounts but for ratios as well.


This operation is performed three more times. Where can I get Aptitude Alligation or Mixture questions and answers with explanation? How many kilograms of sugar costing Rs.

Alligation or Mixture – Aptitude Questions and Answers

Milk in 1 litre of final mix. A vessel is filled with liquid, 3 parts of which are water and 5 parts syrup. It is the rule a,ligation enables us to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at the given price must be mixed to produce a mixture of a desired price.

Practice the actual exam questions. Alligatiom following formula is also valid:. John bought 20 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs. How many litres of liquid A was contained by the can initially?