Operation Paperclip. The explosive story of America’s secret post-WWI science programs, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Area In the chaos . Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen The Virus by Janelle Diller Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen Angels Fallen. Operation Paperclip. The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America. by Annie Jacobsen. The explosive story of America’s secret .

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Some of them became household names, such as Wernher von Braun, and rose to positions of prominence.

‘Operation Paperclip’ by Annie Jacobsen

Submit questions or comments online. If you ever thought the US Space program was created and developed under innocent themes, you may want to read this book. Why a madman like Hitler did not use it is a mystery.

Did we act any better? Another interesting aspect was that the US is still trying to keep papreclip secret despite the Second world war ending about 60 years ago. The cost was sheltering men like Otto Ambros, convicted and imprisoned for managing the slave-labor factory at Auschwitz for IG Farben. This book about a dark chapter in our history, is well written and thoroughly researched. Jan 22, Sachin N rated it really liked it. The result is an interesting, engaging and disturbing read that raises all kinds of moral and ethical questions concerning both the actions of the scientists, but also those of the Americans who recruited and befriended them, actively worked against other elements of government jacobseh those that sought to expose the truth, and funded and used some of the scientists knowledge to produce non-conventional and controversial weapons.

Germany knows it is going to lose In all 1, German scientists were targeted, many of whom were ardent Nazis and were involved in crimes that led to the death of thousands of people, with over moving to take up positions in the US, where they were mollycoddled and well paid.

What is evident is that being an anti-communist trumped being a Nazi war criminal. And even the name given to the operation has some meaning. My father was amazed at what the Americans did NOT know technically about rocket design, even in the ‘s as he had learned all that at University in Munich the 30s! You anniie to read this.


Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. A haunting, powerful, and well researched account of the monsters that helped the U. Free with Audible trial. As Frederich Nietzsche said, “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

The book is an achievement of investigative reporting and historical writing. In fact he became a Russian witness against his former colleagues at the trial.

Arrestato e imprigionato a Norimberga, fu tra gli imputati del processo ai dottori. He hid away his most vital classified V-2 documents.

Operation Paperclip

He is credited with the development of Agent Orange. If you could assist in the Cold War battle any past crimes could be glossed over and explained away in the name of national security. The argument used to justify recruiting and not prosecuting these scientists was that they held knowledge that was useful to the US military and US businesses and that many of their colleagues were being employed by the Soviets.

You can see that inhe had the basic plan thought out for the Space Shuttle.

Operation Paperclip | Annie Jacobsen

The author discusses many individuals that people with knowledge of World War II will easily recognize, i. An eye-opening account of the horrors that were overlooked by the US Army opeeration space programs in order to develop the rocketry and science to have us compete with the Soviets and compete in the cold war.

In this definitive, controversial look at one of America’s most strategic, and disturbing, government programs, Jacobsen shows just how dark government can get in the name of national security. Some had prosperous new lives as successful engineers and businessmen. Many of these men were accused of war crimes, and others had stood trial at Nuremberg; one was convicted of mass murder and slavery.

For me it was fun to find a few names but not mine that I recognized from childhood memories in a major historical event. I understand why the program was born and what drove it, but I think it quickly became corrupted with a sort of greed for knowledge that was simply no longer tangential to the cause of warding off potential Soviet threats.

Hoffman died in Jacobsen compiled extensive primary and secondary sources, duly annotated in over pages of notes and bibliography. Moreover, this approach to the material doesn’t distort any of the information itself to my knowledge and so I would say no, it is not biased. Considering that the end of WWII occurred almost 70 years ago, it is truly amazing the story that Anne Jacobsen has put together for all of us.


The opwration that the Nazi biologists involved were already working for the US jacobsrn kept from the public. For anyone who is a history buff, this is one of the best books telling the story of the closing days of WWII. They worked in concentration camps. May 27, Johnny T rated it it was amazing. With several first-hand accounts we see that many of these scientist had a key role and yet downplayed their involvement with the Third Reich.

These were not ordinary men as far as I could tell from the book, all but one scientist were male, and the lone female, herself responsible for the death of innocent people was married to a one of Hitler’s leading scientists. In this regard, Wernher von Braun came to mind.

Self-preservation wins all, or greed or the all-important consolidation of power. Aug 07, Jon Box rated it really liked it. Jacobsen offers a detailed chronology of events related to Operation Paperclip. Not all Americans that Jacobsen integrates into the narrative were guilty of facilitating Operation Paperclip. I only take exception with one conclusion she has make about Ike. In the case of the United States following World War II that line was invisible no matter what evidence existed that the individuals that the government was interested in had either engaged directly or indirectly in genocide.

Heinz Schlicke, Director of Naval Test Fields at Kiel, and the cargo included plans for the Hs glider bomb, V-1 glide bomb forerunner to cruise missilesV-2 rocket forerunner to the SCUD missileMe fighter aircraft the first combat jet fighterlow observable submarine designs, and lead-lined boxes filled with 1, lbs. When you return permanently to the US not on vacation or leaveplease visit the CIA Careers page and apply online for the position of interest. Read more Read less.

Second, as the story proceeds, it becomes exceedingly difficult to keep these individuals straight. Kurt Blome, whom American officials had tried to convict of war crimes, never made it but worked for the United States from Germany.