Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (APACS) is provided by Apollo Security Systems in the United States and it is. , the complete industry guide – Find Apollo APACS or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. The Apollo APACS, Windows based alarm/access man- agement system provides an easy and user friendly envi- ronment for operating and processing of .

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Systems Industries Support Services. System Configuration An in-depth guide. Graphic maps allow monitoring and control, extensive event reports, card holder management and badge design.

Other features include interbase or MS SQL database management system, single or multi-user applications, work stations, unrestricted number of controllers, readers and alarm panels, modular structure, multicard formats, paacs levels, elevator control, duress and database apoollo. Or controlling reader form alarm mode to check if relays click. APACS also supports legacy Apollo hardware for smooth upgrade transitions or migrations from other software packages.

Compare your configuration screen apxcs the one above. Also, issuing a One Pass command from the reader control menu and listening for the relay on the reader interface to change state will verify that there is proper operation.

Simply swiping the card will show the facility code in the Access Denied aplllo. Video recorders from multiple vendors are unified in Apollo software interface.


Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers – ppt video online download

Protecting your physical access control system: Wiegand wires are reversed, or Wiegand ground is not connected especially if reader is powered from separate source.

If items are missing or broken, immediately take pictures of the received goods for later processing of insurance claims. Make sure that everything conforms to the packing list for the entire shipment. Additional information may be necessary if the card format is incorrect. Track visitors on-site, quickly identifying location and violators of allowed visit duration.

Looking for our US Edition? Do not show this again. It is essential to connect at least power and communication. Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System APACS is the result of years of research and design coupled with real-world input from security professionals working at the most secure sites around the globe.

Access may be denied or an alert sent to guard stations in order to take proper action. Then you have to configure the software, the hardware, etc.

This indicates proper power and firmware initialization. Immediately upon logon, it will detect a new configuration has been made and will attempt to communicate with the controller.

Video recordings can be associated with Access Control System events to ensure the easy retrieval of pertinent clips when researching past events. Sign up now to:. Card was rejected locally at reader resulting in no error is shown.


Designed to meet the demands of high-volume and high-security sites, APACS is a flexible solution that can grow from a few doors to thousands. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

No need to learn a new system and already familiar powerful options can be used.

Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers

Use a standard network CAT 5e cable. Training Contact Support Downloads. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Security software Integration software.

Apollo Security Access Control – Software

If the power supply is rated high enough, the same one can be used for all devices. Sign up now for full access to SourceSecurity. The card can also be rejected locally if it an incorrect standards e.

Cardholder images and personal information are taken directly from the database for inclusion on the printed badge. Sign up now for full access to SecurityInformed. APACS comprises the basis for a flexible and robust system that meets the needs of systems ranging from perimeter systems up to fully integrated enterprise-level installations. Can you Identify Point of failures?