APWU President William Burrus announced June 28 that the union and the USPS have reached a tentative agreement on a one-year extension of the Collective. 04/11/ – Several typos have been found in the Tentative Agreement and have been corrected in the version posted online. Printed copies that were. Dec 21, The Collective Bargaining Agreement (Union Contract) between the American Postal Workers Union and the United States Postal Service.

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We will look like fools. You really mean restore Union due revenue to previous levels.

Rob Strunk Clerk Division Director. I call them Union Casual. Retail Sales Assistants No agreement was reached regarding the establishment of Retail Sales Assistant positions at grocery stores, malls, and other venues that are easily accessible to the public.

We also agreed to discuss with the Tenrative Service changes to Article 37 that would require all future excessing in the Clerk Craft to be done by seniority, regardless of level. Highlights of the entire agreement can be found on pagesbut several Clerk Craft items deserve additional attention. To maintain the efficiency of the operations entrusted to it; D.

Collective Bargaining Agreements | APWU

But please just keep the bullshit to a minimum or even the average worker might be able to see through it! If the committee approves the agreement, it will be mailed to APWU members for a ratification vote. Do not confuse this date request with your postal anniversary date. The following are examples of non-traditional duty assignments that may be coming soon to a post office near you:.


APWU national conventions in and voted to extend financial pawu to the effort.

APWU, Postal Service Announce Tentative Agreement on Contract Extension | APWU

When the Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee reconvenes in Washington, DC, July 6, the first order of business will be to evaluate the tentative contract extension agreement. Please give us a break. I will vote with my feet on my anniversary date when I walk out of the union when I cancel my membership. It unites women, with their special concerns, yet works within the framework of the national APWU organization.

If the resulting number is less than ONE 1a contract cleaning service may be used to perform the required work. Your Conservative Republican Tea-Bagger Politicians you foolishly keep electing to office just love cramming it up your gee-gee. The estimated annual values of the increases are expected to be as follows: The plan includes organizer training and guidelines for evaluating organizing opportunities.

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The Secretary-Treasurer acts as the union’s chief financial officer and serves local unions, state affiliates, officers, and members in many ways. Right now I have this terrible vision of C. I served as a rifleman with the Second Battalion of the agreemenf Marines in Vietnam in and Our programs and benefits inspire members to participate in the union and give them a sense of inclusion, contribution, and ownership. The APWU leaders in attendance ahreement Denver gave their unanimous and enthusiastic support of the union’s bold new emphasis on organizing workers in the private-sector postal industry.

The Legislative and Political Department helps advance the union’s cause on Capitol Hill and keeps the APWU members informed about important issues and legislative developments.

The upgrades will be based on a step-to-step upgrade, including credit for waiting period time already served.


APWU News Bulletins

The Organization Department helps strengthen the APWU at the local, state and national level by recruiting new members. Several proposals were exchanged in an attempt to improve the benefits and working conditions for our members in these units.

The point preferences given to veterans and disabled veterans, and the restrictions that reserve certain jobs for qualified veterans, if any have applied for them, are important and effective means of ensuring that veterans are provided employment opportunities in the Federal Government, including the Postal Service. The Organization Department helps strengthen the APWU at the local, state and national level by recruiting new members.

Who else do you want to have the power to discipline clerks? On agdeement of the APWU, thank you for providing me this opportunity to testify on behalf of our more thanmembers.

Like hundreds of thousands of other veterans, when I returned from war I was able to find employment with the newly-created United States Postal Service. Who would have ever thought?

The Auxiliary to the American Postal Works Union is a grassroots organization of union members’ friends and families. The Executive Vice President is the second-highest-ranking officer in the American Postal Workers Union, and is responsible for assisting the president in the administration of the union. Rural Carrier contract is at impasse. An additional voluntary payroll allotment will be granted to these employees as well. We hope wgreement extension is not necessary.