Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Swami ioned. The Ashtavakra Gita, or the Ashtavakra Samhita as it is sometimes called, is a very ancient Sanskrit text. Nothing seems to be known about the author, though. ‘Ashtavakra Gita’ is one of the advaitic masterpieces. Without mincing matters it comes out with the advaitic truth, the whole truth and nothing but advaita which is .

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Includes original Sanskrit, text with word-for-word translation, English rendering, comments, and index. How can there be self-knowledge for him whose knowledge depends on what he sees?

Ashtavakra is probably identical to the holy ashgavakra with the same name who appears in Mahabharatathough the connection is not clearly stated in any of ashtavakta texts. Collection digitallibraryindia ; texts.

Seeing the tigers of the senses, the frightened refuge-seekers at once enter the cave in search of cessation of thought and one-pointedness.

Be at peace and remain happily in yourself, the essence of joy. Bitten by the Black Snake: The wise man is not averse to samsara, nor does he seek to know himself.

Commentaries on this work, have also been provided by Osho [21] and also by the renowned entrepreneur and spiritual speaker Mr. Ships from and sold by Amazon. No sooner does a man of low intelligence give up activities like the elimination of thought than he falls into mind racing and chatter. Meditate on yourself as motionless awareness, free from any dualism, giving up the mistaken idea that you are just a derivative consciousness or anything external or internal.

Recognising this pattern I am now established. Is he not a guru who, endowed with dispassion and equanimity, achieves full knowledge of the nature of consciousness, and leads others out of samsara? The Ashtavakra Gita, or the Ashtavakra Samhita as it is sometimes called, is a very ancient Sanskrit text.


As a result the whole world is mine, or alternatively nothing is.

Bt College, Madanapale dc. Establishing yourself in firm dispassion, be free of passion and happy.

What remains to be done by the man who is pure awareness and has abandoned everything that can be expressed in words from the highest heaven to the earth itself? He who feels responsibility within, acts even when doing nothing, but there is no sense of done or ashtabakra for the wise man who is free from the sense of responsibility.

The seer is without thoughts even when thinking, without senses among the senses, without understanding even in understanding, and without a sense of responsibility even in the ego. For me established in my own glory, there is no dreaming or deep sleep, no waking nor fourth state beyond them, and certainly no fear.

He who by nature is empty-minded, and who thinks of things only unintentionally, is freed from deliberate remembering like one awakened from a dream. You have no bondage or liberation.

Ashtavakra Gita translated by John Richards

Only those like him can know the wonderful state of such a man. For him who shines with the radiance of Infinity and is not subject to natural causality there is neither bondage, liberation, pleasure, nor pain. The Rebel Publishing House Pvt. All this wells up like waves in the sea. For me here is neither bondage nor liberation. How wonderful I am! Subbaraju Setty Charitable Trust.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Those of weak intelligence think of themselves as pure nonduality, but because of their delusion do not really know this, and so remain unfulfilled all their lives.

Ashtavakra Gita

And how is one to reach dispassion? This page was last edited on 12 Decemberashtavakrs There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Kingdoms, children, wives, bodies, pleasures — these have all been lost to you life after life, attached to them though you were. The wise man who is contented in all circumstances is not asleep even in deep sleep, nor sleeping in a dream, nor waking when he is awake.

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For me who am forever unblemished, there is no assessor, no standard, nothing to assess, and no assessment. You are not the body, nor is the body yours, nor are you the doer of actions or the reaper of their consequences. The liberated man is resplendent everywhere, free from all desires. My son, you may recite or listen to countless scriptures, but you will not be established within until you can forget everything.

Free from pleasure and impatience, he is not dead and he is not alive. For me who am blessed and without limitation, there is no initiation or scripture, no szmhita or teacher, and ashtavaira goal of human life.

He whose mind is pure and undistracted from just hearing of the Truth does not see anything to do or anything to avoid or even a cause for indifference. No benefit or loss comes to me by standing, walking or lying down, so consequently I live as I please whether standing, walking samhiha sleeping. Knowing everything as just imagination, and samhiga as eternally free, how should the wise man behave like a fool?

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? You do not belong to the brahmin or any other caste, you are not at any stage, nor are you anything that the eye can see. All this appears in me imagined due to ignorance, just as a snake appears in the rope, the samyita of water qshtavakra the sunlight, and silver in mother of pearl.