The Atmel AT89C is a low-power, high-performance 8-bit microcontroller compatible with the MSC instruction set and object code. This report describes a construction analysis of the Atmel AT89C and the. AT89S 8-Bit Microcontrollers. Ten AT89C devices encapsulated in . The AT89CPU is a low voltage, high performance CMOS 8bit microcontroller in 20 pin DIP package. The device is manufactured using Atmel’s high.

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The only major inovation over standard series processors is the analog comparator on pins P1. Port3 bits can also sink up to 20 mA of current, and when written with ones, can be used as inputs. Microcontrollet compatible with MCS With 4 bits of mode input, up to 16 modes see Table 3 of operation can be implemented.

Atmel’s AT89C Microcontroller | Dr Dobb’s

A done flag that indicates the end of operation. The Atmel application sheets describe a simple programmer that lets you perform a variety of operations with the flash controller, including erasing, reading, programming, and verifying the contents of the target chip see http: Port1 and Port3 are compatible to the P1 and P3 on an except Port1. Figure 3 shows the circuit schematic for the programmer. Consequently, I decided to build a general-purpose interface that could be used in other applications.

Atmel AT89C2051 programmer

By writing ones to the Port1 bits, they can be used as input bits. It’s a pity it can’t run just with a RC-circuit for clock signal generating, and that an OTP version is not available. Figures 1 and 2 show the block diagram for programming and verifying the Flash-memory contents of an AT89C To communicate with the BASIC system, the terminal emulator can use any standard baud rate as well as transmission settings number of bits, parity, and so on.


The AT89C microcontroller can endure one thousand program and erase cycles. The limits for the programming voltage for the AT89C are between Power-down mode saves the RAM contents but freezes the oscillator, disabling all other activity until the next imcrocontroller reset.

You can view the modified schematics here. April – The Vpp generation circuit applies a logic 0 to the RST pin at power on.

A simple programmer for the Atmel AT89c microcontrollers. An error flag indicating an attempt to launch a nonimplemented mode of operation.

AT89C – Microcontrollers and Processors – Microcontrollers and Processors

According to our measurements, power consumption averages approximately 12 mA. The amount of PEROM programmable and erasable read-only memory available on the AT89C is sufficient for most applications, including use in portable instruments, supervisory-control applications, autonomous robots, and more.

Using the Converter The converter interface is designed so that it can be used in any embedded application. The original design used the circuit; however, its use did not prove to be useful due to the parallel port output design see the article about LPT.

Figure 6 shows the wiring scheme to connect the controller board to the PC printer adapter. The circuit is intended for simple applications, where room and number of wires are limited. After the 8-bit data is shifted out, the controller program converts the serial port as an input shift register and reads back the converted ADC data as 2 bytes.


After I was satisfied that things were working, I went ahead with more serious applications. It still works since Atmels sustain a lot; however, their att89c2051 is included here simply because they are right. Two bit programmable timers. After the hex file is successfully received, the programmer proceeds with erasing the AT89C, then begins programming it with the user object code.

Table 2 identifies the various modes for erasing, programming, and verifying the chip. We are working on a reprint. However, the driver software for the programmer does not support IntelHex object files.

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This is possible because the chip uses static memory. I found I could microcontrolller an existing IntelHex loader program for the Basic system to get the required programmer code. The operation is similar to that of an In some cases, it’s better to use a different design for the voltage switching part – see the end of this article.

It also affords two software-selectable save-power modes.

A trigger input that triggers the converter into the requested mode. This is one of the simplest programmers.