The book “Blood and Tears” by Qutubuddin Aziz is a must read for all Pakistanis. Urdu” So ‘we ‘were knO”W’D as BillariS’~ A.t schcol, I studied through, the. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away stalwart Qutubuddin Aziz died of cardiac arrest on Saturday night. stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears. It was the only account I could find on the suffering of the Urdu-speaking (Biharis) in East Pakistan Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – Why did we lose East Pakistan? . I heard the screams of an Urdu-speaking girl who was being.

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I must stress, with all the force and sincerity at my command, that this bock is not intended to be a racist indictment of the Bengalis as a nation. Do you not hear the deafening silence of the UN, so Are you ready for Modi’s Bharat?

A meeting convened in Agartala during between the IB Foreign Desk operatives and the Urru faction, gave some clear indications of what was to follow. The uniformed killer puffing the cigarette to singe azlz eyes of the terrified prey. Future of Pakistan Insha Allah.

BLOOD AND TEARS : Qutubuddin Aziz : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Eye gouging and burning the skin of victims was a favourite torture method of the rebels. Since that dreadful day she has been mentally ill.

Thousands of dead bodies were flung into the Karnaphuli river and the Bay of Bengal. ib

The movement ended after recognition of Bengali as one of the state languages of Pakistan. Tipu Sultan, who chose death over disgrace! Bengali language activists and the progressive political forces remained vigilant against anti-Bengali political elite qutubudcin the central government and pro-Urdu provincial government. One of the most profound documants on the romantic phenomenon of Pakistan and Islamic revival as seen by the founding fathers of t Ters by the successive governments of Pakistan nor by the so-called liberals willing to hold millions of Afghans to their bosoms, who have come here under clear agreement to return to their homeland, yet ignores the plight of those rejected by both nations.


The atrocities inflicted upon the Biharis by Mukti Bahini often in the name of Pakistan Army is a matter of record. Callousness of successive Paksitani governments can also be judged by the fact that they just abandoned the Pakistanis in former East Pakistan, thus forcing them to live in sub-human conditions in Bangledeshi camps.


The killers were heartless and I learnt that they murdered my husband. In Burma, massacre of Muslims is being done ruthlessly and the world is silent. I was nine months pregnant. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Hali December 3, Pakistan Today. On the way, the 3-year-old child of a hapless captive woman died in her arms.

The fall of Dacca

The details of the qutuubuddin waged sutubuddin the rebels in those murderous months were concealed from the people of West Pakistan by the then federal government to prevent reprisals against Bengalees in West Pakistan and also not to wreck prospect for a negotiated settlement with the Awami League. He escaped wziz slaughter of the non-Bengalis in the crowded New Market locality of Dacca on March 23, and was sheltered by a God-fearing Bengali in his shop.

The writer refers to language problem, which was later settled, but says not a word about the problem of country’s capital. Why we made Pakistan? After five days, they returned and ordered me and my children to vacate the house as they claimed that it was now their property.

The fall of Dacca | Pakistan Today

Yahya could be forced to bow down to the wishes of Pakistan politicians led by ZAB. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin Aziz.

  DIN 17243 PDF

For two days, we lived on bare earth in an open space and we had nothing to eat. May Allah have mercy upon Muslims of India after this butcher, this snake comes to power. Surprisingly, the article says not a word about the dislike and mistreatment of Bengalese by Ayub Khan and of the Urdu-speaking people who formed bulk of the civil service in early days which forced Bengalese to go their separate ways instead of staying with Pakistan for which they had opted of their own free will, and which means that they did not start with bad feelings for West Pakistanis.

Fall of East Pakistan. Savage killings also took place in the Halishahar, Kalurghat and Pahartali localities where the Bengali rebel soldiers poured petrol and kerosine oil around entire blocks, igniting them with flame-throwers and petrol-soaked jute balls, then mowed down the non-Bengali innocents trying to escape the cordons of fire. Looking at the tragic events of March in retrospect, I must confess that even I, although my press service commanded a sizeable network of district correspondents in the interior of East Pakistan, was not fully aware of the scale, ferocity and dimension of the province-wide massacre of the non-Banglis.

I had identified, after some considerable research, 55 towns and cities in East Pakistan where the abridgement of the non-Bengali population in March and early April was conspicuously heavy.

Arm yourself with knowledge and defend Pak Sarzameen. Although they hail from 55 towns of the former East Pakistan, their narratives and the published dispatches of the foreign newsmen quoted in this book, cover places where the slaughter of the innocents took place.