date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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NOTE 2 The main busbar in this context is a single busbar or a combination of single busbars that are normally connected in service e.

Also known as IEC The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained by the editorial teams ns NBS. Intentional connection of exposed conductive parts to a protective conductor or to an earth conductor is not permitted.

Individual functional units shall be verified separately in accordance with The weight of individual sections to be lifted varies from kg to kg and this defines whether lifting eyes or lifting beams are used. NOTE 2 For the purpose of this standard, the pollution degree is of the micro-environment.

In the case where external conductors for electronic circuits with low level currents and voltages less than 1 A and less than 50 V a. In this case the load currents are equal to the rated currents. Click to learn more. The specimen is considered to have withstood the glow-wire test if — there is no visible flame and no sustained glowing, or if — flames and glowing of the specimen extinguish within 30 s after removal of the glow-wire.

BS EN 61439-1:2011

The test shall be carried out on material with the minimum thickness used for the parts in a or b. This creepage distance path includes an Rule: The protective circuits shall be checked by visual inspection to ascertain that the measures prescribed in 64139-1.

Any convenient value of the test voltage may be used to produce the desired current. The connecting means to ensure the continuity of the conductive parts with external protective conductors shall have no other function. The following dates were fixed: Electrical installations IEC Where it is necessary to remove barriers or open enclosures or to remove parts of enclosures, this shall be possible only if one of the conditions a to c is fulfilled: Based on the above we can provide certificates covering the Construction and Performance listed in Clause If these details are to be usedfor any other purpose than implementation then the prior written permissionof BSI must be obtained.


Dependent upon an upstream SCPD. This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. For functional units with several devices, it is that of the device with the lowest rated current. This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.

The clearances and creepage distances apply to phase to phase, phase to neutral, and except where a conductor is connected directly to earth, phase to earth and neutral to earth.

To avoid the large number of tests that may be necessary this clause describes a verification method where only one test is made with simultaneous load on all circuits. Unless otherwise agreed between the ASSEMBLY manufacturer and the user, on three-phase and neutral circuits, terminals for the neutral conductor shall allow the connection of copper conductors having a current-carrying capacity: The test consists of: To shorten the test, if the devices allow it, the current may be increased during the first part of the test, it being reduced to the specified test current afterwards.

At the same time, the operation of the mechanical interlocks associated with these movements shall be checked. Switchgear, controlgear and fuses IEC If the direction of operation is not in accordance with IECthen the direction of operation shall be clearly identified. Natural circulation may be provided by holes in the walls of the cabinet.

Introduction to 61439-1

Selection and erection of electrical equipment — Earthing arrangements, protective conductors and protective bonding conductors IEC For intermediate values of voltage, the next higher value in the above table is to be used. They shall be rated at least in accordance 64139-1 the information concerning the short-circuit withstand strength see 9.

Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity — Operation IEC For applications in Canada, the appropriate enclosure type designation should be 16439-1 as specified in CSA standard C Other requirements and other EC Directives may be applicable to the products falling within the scope of this standard.

The high-voltage transformer used for the test shall be so em that, when the output terminals are short-circuited after the output voltage has been adjusted to the appropriate test voltage, the output current shall be at least mA.


By using ribs of a minimum height of 2 mm the creepage distance may be reduced but, irrespective of the number of ribs, shall be not less than 0,8 of the value of Table 2 and not less than the associated minimum clearance.

If apparatus with a voltage exceeding the limits of extra-low voltage are attached to lids, doors, or cover plates additional measures shall be taken to ensure earth continuity. Non-linear resistor type gapped surge arresters for a.

Introduction to | Blackburn Starling

enn NOTE 2 The rated insulation voltage is not necessarily equal to the rated operational voltage of equipment which is primarily related to functional performance. The test shall be carried out on an enclosure or representative sample showing the same constructional detail as the enclosure itself.

If a set of busbars consists of different sections as regards cross-sections, distance between adjacent busbars, type and number of supports per metreeach section shall be tested separately or concurrently, provided that the above conditions are met. The values bx the factor n and the corresponding power factor are given in Table 7. The groups as defined by the original manufacturer shall be formed in a manner so that the highest possible temperature rise is obtained.

It is recommended that parts likely to be removed for maintenance have, as far as possible, retainable fastening means; — use e barriers or obstacles designed and arranged to protect against direct contact with equipment in adjacent functional units or groups; — use of terminal shields; — use of compartments for each functional unit or group; — insertion of additional protective means provided or specified by the ASSEMBLY sn.

In place of the impulse withstand voltage test the original manufacturer may perform, at his discretion, an equivalent a.

In cases where it is necessary to provide for conductors other than those specified in the table, special agreement shall 6139-1 reached between the ASSEMBLY manufacturer and the user. A version in any other language made by translation under the responsibility of a CENELEC member into its own language and notified to the Central Secretariat has the same status as the official versions.