For example, when a processor uses a read request on the bus. In the figure of crossbar interconnection network, a single switch is shown at each cross point. In multistage network, multiple stage of switches are used to setup a path. Static interconnection networks for elements of parallel systems (ex. processors, A bus is the simplest type od dynamic interconnection networks. In response to control instructions set to its control input, the crossbar switch implements a Multistage connection networks are designed with the use of small elementary. connections, the switches or arbiters are used. Examples of such networks are buses, crossbar switches, and multistage networks. The dynamic networks are.

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Topology is the pattern in which one node is connected to other nodes. Crossbar switches are built with the use of multiplexer circuits, controlledby latch registers, which are set by control instructions. Depending on the type of implemented transmissions we have serial busses and parallel busses.

Multistage interconnection networks – Wikipedia

Some crossbar switches enable broadcast transmissions but in a blocking manner for all other connections. This switch is commonly used to build large multistabe crossbar switches.

A binary tree, in which in the direction of the root, the number of connections between neughbouring nodes increases twice, provides a netwrks transmission throughput between the tree levels, a feature not available in a standard tree. As one can see, from a single shuffle, not all input can reach all output. In this respect the hyperciubes have very good properties, especialy for a very latge number of constituent nodes.


In this network, processors connected to the busses can transmit data in parallel one for each bus and many processors can read data from many bysses crossbaf a time.

A regular static interconnect is mainly used in small networks made up of loosely couple nodes. Crossbar switches implement direct, single non-blocking connectionsbut on the condition that the necessary input mu,tistage output pins of the switch are free.

Views Read Edit View history. The bus arbiter receives data transmission requests from the devices connected to a bus.

It constitutes a common data transfer path for many devices.

Multistage interconnection networks

Because of this property, these networks belong to the cathegory of so called blocking networks. As number of outputs increase, number of switches increases by factor of n. Though the network is typically used for routing purposes, it could also be used as a co-processor to the actual processors for such uses as sorting ; cyclic shiftingas in a perfect shuffle network; and bitonic sorting.

With the token method, a token a special control message or signal is circulating between the devices connected to a bus and it gives the right to transmit to the bus to a single device at a time. This will lead to development of multistage interconnect networks in the future.

It selects one device according to a croasbar strategy ex. In response to control instructions set to its control input, the crossbar switch implements a stable connection of a determined input with a determined output.

To obtain nonblocking properties of the multistage connection network, the redundancy level in the circuit should be much increased. The block diagram of such a network, called the Benes network, is shown in the figure below. All receivers read and decode headers.


In crossbar switch, there is a dedicated path from one processor to other processors.

The throughput of the network based on a bus can be increased by the use of a multibus network shown in the figure below. If from one node, 2 or more connections go to different nodes towards the leaves – we say about a binary or k-nary tree. The elementary crossbar switches can implement 4 types of connections: However, if we increase the number of levels of elementary crossbar switches above the number necessary to implement connections for all pairs of inputs and outputs, it is possible to implement all requested connections at the same time but statically, before any communication is started in the ingerconnection.

It is done with the use of two methods: In a complete connection structure, all elements ex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All elementary switches are controlled simultaneously. In linear and matrix structures, processors are interconnected with their neighbours in a regular structure on a plane. The switching elements themselves are usually connected to each other in stages, hence the name.

If from one node, more than one connection goes to the neighbouring node, we speak about a fat tree.