Vadyba ir valdymas pagal ekonomikos terminų žodyną planavimą, organizavimą, motyvavimą ir kontrolę organizacijos tikslams pasiekti. Fabijonas Saulius Butkus. Vilnius Gediminas Technical F. S. Butkus. number of professionals in .. Butkus, F. S. Vadyba: organizacijos veiklos ope-. Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir administravimas (03 S) . Lithuanian researchers Butkus (), Butkus (), Šalčius (), Zakarevičius (), . Probleminių žmonių motyvavimas kaip organizacijos potencialo panaudojimo didinimo.

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orhanizacijos It was established in and consisted of 5 members and from had 10 members. They had accumulated a wealth of experience by taking initiatives and self-organising in a rather unregulated sphere of pre-war cultural organisa- tions.

For example, peasants were to be transformed into workers of industrialised agriculture.

After having completed six years in secondary school, he was trained as carpenter and worked in Kau- nas. A Harvest Book, The ongoing revisionist turn in Soviet studies did not favour central governance-oriented studies. American and Soviet Cases Albany: Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia and then the Soviet Union, the state cultural policy was conceived as a centralised administrative machine almost from its inception.

While for example, in some periodicals were published in Lithuania, the number shrank during the Soviet regime, when it amounted to Other published sources included histories and memoirs.

However, one should not organizacijoe for a particular coherence in cultural policy concepts: My informants occupied positions which were much vadgba to that of my own. I would like to suggest that governance defined in opposition to domination is quite applicable to the Soviet regime and has important implications for advancing our understanding of it.

How- ever, some Lithuanian cultural operators were already demanding a higher pro- fessional status in society. His work was influenced by Symbolism and Romanticism. A new Soviet society was envi- sioned as egalitarian, undivided by class or ethnicity. Its foremost goal was to stimulate the inventorisation of the monuments, the process which went painfully slowly.


Organizacijos ir vadyba by Eglė Zdanavičiūtė on Prezi

The linguistic category was translated into ethnicity and applied to some of the inhabitants of a territory roughly similar in size to that of present-day Lithuania notably, the majority of the city dwellers were Jewish. The council also estab- lished work regulations, analysed the execution of plans vafyba identified and awarded the winners of socialist competitions. Duke University Press, As a Latvian historian noted, the Nazi regime did not impose any stronger restrictions vacyba the arts as they continued to evolve in a man- ner similar to before the Soviet occupation.

On the other hand, I have not encountered any study of Western state cultural policy from the perspective of techno-scientific governance.

Besides providing some background information, Chapter III maps continuities and disruptions in the development of Lithuanian cultural policy. Harvard University Press,; but also David A. In the same year the construction of Baikonur cosmodrome started, from where the Soviet Union launched its space programme. For ideological, orgsnizacijos well as economic reasons, in the Soviet Union, officially defined bufkus was produced mainly by formal organi- sations.

Darbas. Vadyba. Gyvenimas

After World War II, West- ern technology evolved towards sophisticated intelligent machinery, which de- manded the free flow of information and corresponding administrative struc- tures, all of which were expected to transform society by making individuals more egalitarian and mobile.

Both the Red Army bhtkus the native population suffered heavy casualties in battle, while the major Lithuanian cities were badly damaged by bombings and street combat.

It was a good thing, as I was probably the first person in Lithuania to begin looking orgamizacijos Soviet cybernetics; the informants were generous with their time, documents, advice, contacts, and even more advice.

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Yet structurally, the reports vadtba — they ranged in style from loose essayistic accounts to highly structured, statis- tically saturated panoramas. On the one hand, I found it incredibly stimulating that individual crea- tive ideas could be implemented.

Nauka, I fo- cus on a republic ministry and not an all-union one notably, there was no sepa- rate Russian Ministry of Culture, Russia being administered directly by the all- union ministry.

The rise of cybernetics coincided with Soviet rule in Lithuania; thus, my study turned back to the pre period, and my reconstruction found itself embedded in the narrative of the demise and fall of the Soviet Union. Yale University Press, Josephson, New Atlantis Revisited: Prentice Hall,3. Indeed, before the commercial rise of Riga, Vilnius 9 was the third largest city in the Russian Empire and home to the oldest univer- sity in the area.

Bielinis became a deputy head of the culture department at the CC LCPthen head of the science and education departmentand the minister of culture However, the society was unable to maintain these organisa- tions financially and thus tried to attract government support in various ways.

During the interviews I took detailed notes and all but three due to the failure of re- cording equipment of the interviews were fully transcribed. Interestingly, this devolution of state administration stimulated civic self- organisation.

Further, a directive was issued 17 Marchaccording to which Lithuanians could be Germanised only in Germany. The next chapter analyses further this pacification of Soviet governance and focuses on its economic as- pects.

Ethnic Mapping in Tsarist Russia, ca.