Learn about BYETTA, the BYETTA Pen. Important Safety Information for BYETTA (exenatide) injection. Contraindications. BYETTA is contraindicated in. Exenatide (Byetta) is the first in a new class of incretin peptide mimetics .. Available at ; accessed October 15, 3. Meneilly. Exenatide (marketed as Byetta, Bydureon) is a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 receptor agonist) medication, belonging to the group of incretin.

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The pain may be felt going from your abdomen through to your back. Patients should be instructed to promptly discontinue Byetta and contact their physician if persistent severe abdominal pain occurs [see Warnings and Precautions 5. It is unknown whether patients with a history of pancreatitis are at increased risk for pancreatitis while byyetta Byetta. To report drug exposure during pregnancy byetya Byetta may affect the way some medicines work and some other medicines may affect the way Byetta works.

Before taking BYETTA, tell your healthcare provider if you have had pancreatitis, stones in your gallbladder gallstonesa history of alcoholism, or high blood triglyceride levels. In the week trials, after a 4-week placebo lead-in period, patients were randomly assigned to receive Byetta 5 mcg BID, Byetta 10 mcg BID, or placebo BID before the morning and evening meals, in addition to their existing oral antidiabetic agent.

Consider antidiabetic therapies other than Byetta in patients with a history of pancreatitis. Not a substitute for insulin and should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.

Mean HbA 1c values at baseline for the trials ranged from 8. In Combination with a Sulfonylurea 30 Weeks. The intention-to-treat population—that is, all patients who received one dose of medication—comprised subjects.

Byetta slows gastric emptying, thereby reducing the rate at which meal-derived glucose appears in the circulation.

The insulin lispro dose was titrated based on preprandial glucose values. However, Byetta does not impair the normal glucagon response to hypoglycemia. Advise patients that they must never share a Byetta pen with another person, even if the needle is changed, because doing so carries a risk for transmission of blood-borne pathogens.


The weight loss seen with exenatide is also an advantage over most of the current treatments; however, it is difficult to determine if nausea plays a role in weight loss.

Exenatide (Byetta) as a novel treatment option for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Byetta did not significantly alter the pharmacodynamic properties e. Proc Bayl Univ Med Cent. Byetta was studied in patients 65 years of age or older and in 16 patients 75 years of age or older. This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat If is in the dose window: Patients may develop antibodies byeta exenatide following treatment with Byetta. These instructions do pj take the place of talking with your healthcare provider about your medical condition or your treatment.

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If not, do not use. With a Thiazolidinedione 16 Weeks. Five weeks after initiating randomized treatment, insulin doses were titrated with guidance from the investigator toward predefined fasting glucose targets according to the dose titration algorithm provided in Table 9.

Byetta is a GLP-1 receptor agonist that enhances glucose-dependent insulin secretion by the pancreatic beta-cell, suppresses inappropriately elevated glucagon secretion, and slows gastric emptying.

Read this Medication Guide and the Pen User Manual that come with Byetta before you start using it and each time you get a refill. Also of interest is the preservation of the beta cells of the pancreas and the conversion of non—insulin-secreting cells to insulin-secreting cells in vitro. The loss of the first-phase insulin response is an early beta-cell defect in type 2 diabetes.

Approved Uses BYETTA is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar glucose control in adults with type 2 diabetes, when used with diet and exercise. Byetta slows stomach emptying and can affect medicines that need to pass through byetta stomach quickly. Make sure that the 10 with the line under it is in the center of the dose window.

Section 3 Now that you have done the one-time-only new pen setup, follow Section 3 for all of your injections. This presents a problem because many second-and third-line agents may cause weight gain, hypoglycemia, and other adverse effects. Exenatide’s action is due to its structural similarity to GLP For inclusion, patients had to be treated with maximally effective doses of sulfonylureas for the 3 weeks prior to screening.


Byetta should be initiated at 5 mcg administered twice daily BID at any time within the minute period before the morning and evening meals or before the two main meals of the day, approximately 6 hours or more apart. DeFronzo et al compared exenatide in type 2 diabetic patients being treated with metformin monotherapy in a multi-centered, randomized, triple-blinded, placebo-controlled study 6.

The effect of Byetta 10 mcg BID on single and on multiple doses of a combination oral contraceptive 30 mcg ethinyl estradiol plus mcg levonorgestrel was studied in healthy female subjects.

Exenatide is a amino acid peptide amide. In Combination with Metformin 30 Weeks.

The two patients who reported an injection-site reaction had high titers of antibodies to exenatide. Know the medicines you take. The effect of Byetta on OC pharmacokinetics is confounded by the possible food effect on OC in this study.

There are postmarketing reports of increased INR sometimes byetga with bleeding, with concomitant use of pl and Byetta [see Adverse Reactions 6. Archived from the original on 6 June Incretins, such as glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1enhance glucose-dependent insulin secretion and exhibit other antihyperglycemic actions following their release into the circulation from the gut.

Official BYETTA® (exenatide) injection Healthcare Professional Website

In Marchthe FDA issued a Drug Safety Byettta announcing investigations into incretin mimetics due to findings by academic researchers.

If response is inadequate, the dose may be increased to 10 mcg twice daily after 1 month of therapy. After four weeks, their dose was increased to 10 mcg BID.