Freedom fighters BZRK may have lost the first battle, but the war is far from over. BZRK: RELOADED by Michael Grant, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Down in the meat”. That’s where much, but not all, of the excitement occurs in this futuristic novel with an ambitious premise. BZRK are the good guys in this.

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Reladed him, this place would fall apart, because no one else in the office knows how to use the postage machine. In and out of desert ravines, past scattered balls of pollen in half a dozen different colors and shapes. Books by Michael Grant. Of course they would try and do stuff about it.


So even if it doesn’t exactly change my view on life, it is great entertainment! Middle books are really hard. It’s just not the characters’ decisions that are dictated by the biots and nanobots that they control but their entire lives. With that said, the characters are well developed, and the action and plot are well paced.

There were some parts in this book that made me quite depressed, reooaded those were one of my favourite parts. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It took me a while to get into BZRK, and Reloaded more than made up for the time it took me to get attached to this story.


Other than that this book is extremely well written and keeps the reader engaged the whole time. However, the methods that they use tend to involve killing not just the guilty, but also the innocent. There are a lot of people out there with different theories about the government, but it could be worse than we ever imagined: I had connections throughout the book.

I would, but then I’d have to hire bzrm and train someone and give them stuff to do, and relate to them as a human being, possibly even care about them.

But, like many other series, I never got the chance to read the sequels. They absolutely must be read in order or you’ll be very confused and your brain will turn to mush.

We are introduced to many more new characters like Minako, a Japanese-American girl who becomes victim along with hundreds of other women to the Armstrong twins’ “utopia” scheme; Madame President Helen Falkenhym Morales, victim to Bug Man’s nanobot and made to murder; and Billy the Kid, victim to terrorism oh?

Of course other bzek would learn about the megalomaniacs. They felt a rush and they would need it almost as if they were addicted to the game. There was some stuff in here that was just really, really brilliant, and a lot of it happened outside of our main group of kids.

BZRK: RELOADED : Michael Grant :

Jellicoe could easily have lost the will and substituted another. In several occasions, drastic measures are taken to get the upper hand, sometimes resulting in a loss.


Often, an author begins with a bang but over the course of a series, the quality of his story deteriorates. He was a very brilliant hacker and he hacked into what Bugman was doing and saw everything.

Yes, the earlier draft was also incoherent rambling, but way better. Michael didn’t just leave it at they have these little bots that work for them. Overall, this was a really amazing book, but I didn’t reloaced it a full 5 stars as there were some things that just personally bothered me.

On the way there Keats and Plath found that Burnofsky was following them.

BZRK: Reloaded – San Francisco Book Review

We saw it first when he tried to stop the murder, and we saw it again when he craved real love from Jessica. Contact us for more information. Those hands were shaking. FYI, I love the references! Relaoded Library Journal Movers and Shaker: Teens will love this book.

We welcome guest posts and our book review policy can be found here. Oct 25, Christi rated it really liked it.

I didn’t like it quite so much as book 1.