Visitor – You prefer to use another framework, but maybe Cairngorm 3 has For example, the Command pattern is still recommended for encapsulating the. Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization. The Current State of Flex Frameworks In this tutorial you will learn a few “best- practices” for Cairngorm projects as well as an extension to the.

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The command folder is for Command classes; control is for events and FrontController ; the ModelLocator is located in the model folder; and the view folder has visual components as shown in Figures through David also recently completed the AIR 1. However, I have used Cairngorm on several large projects both at Dairngorm Tech and in my own business.

At most of the conferences I attend — people come up to me to discuss Cairngorm. The loadEmployeesService class reads Employees. This class creates an event with an ID AppController. The Command class then processes the event by running the Command class’ execute method, which is an ICommand interface method.

Introducing Cairngorm | Adobe Developer Connection

Many people have asked that I make the Cairngorm Series downloadable the video portions. The role of the View layer in a Cairngorm application is to throw events and bind to data stored in the Model.

For some reason, the author of this code decided not to use EmployeeVO here and stores each Employee attribute separately in SaveEmployeeEvent. The AppController implementation package com. If this application has been built using Cairngorm, each of these modules becomes dependent on the central FrontController located in the main.


The Front Controller object serves as a central registry of all Cairngorm events. Now imagine a midsize web application that consists of 10 modules. The basic Cairngorm Event Flow that is handled in Part 3 is essential to any Cairngorm application, but most applications interact with a server.

List of Flex frameworks

I am glad that the videos have been helpful to so many and the daily views still astound me. The List component the View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property. You can download the source code of this application at http: On the same note, changes in the UI are propagated to the server side through this business layer. When a View component fires an event, FrontController finds the Command class that was registered with this event and calls its method execute.

Now that you have isolated two specific elements of the Cairngorm Micro-Architecture, you will now create a more complete Cairngorm application. This model locator stores the data and the state of this application—in particular, the variable employeeListDPwhich is the place where the list of employees is being stored.

Bart’s Blog: Excellent tutorial on Cairngorm framework

See its methods setCredentials and setRemoteCredentials for details. The business layer retrieves data from the servers and stores it in the memory objects that represent the data model, which use binding to notify the UI components about data arrival or changes.

The business folder is for delegates and service components. IResponder; private var service: For web services, call the method getWebService. To Use or Not to Use Cairngorm? If your project will start growing, the ModelLocator may not scale well. For example, you have to create additional event and command classes for every event that can be dispatched in your application. Just simply renaming this variable in the ModelLocator will require changes in one or more views that are bound to it.


The Command class updates the model. It allows separate responsibilities of developers.

Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

The next point of interest tutirial the class LoadEmployeesCommand. Flex frameworks are software libraries that assist developers in building rich internet applications on the Apache Flex platform.

In the example code, CairngormEventDispatcher dispatches the cgEvent: Up to now the tutorials have covered only one design pattern, the ModelLocator, but now you will be introduced to the most crucial element of Cairngorm, the Service to Worker design pattern.

A static reference to the ModelLocator singleton instance is used by the View layers to locate the required data. Online, you may encounter lots of debate cairngkrm whether Cairngorm should be used in Flex projects.

The event object may include additional data if required by the developer. To load the employees, tjtorial Command class creates an instance of the proper delegate passing the reference to itself this is how the delegate knows where to return the data and calls the method loadEmployeesService:.