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Figure 3 confirms this result.

The lower limit of the Theil coefficient is equal to 0 at that moment, everybody has the same incomethe upper limit in this case, all income is in the hands of one person depends on the number of persons in the used sample. The Labour Inspectorate found that employers are more eager to hire illegal workers and to underpay them Yearly report Part-time 24,2 24,8 25,5 26,1 26,5 7 Notes: Inthe percentage was 58 Van der Stelt, e.

Development of wages during the crisis. The sector contains all new constructions, repairs, smaller rebuilding, the construction of prefabricated buildings or constructions; or constructions which are local or temporarily in nature. 2008 were now allowed to use plus- and minus hour systems: The figures forand have been compared to Figures delivered by CBS.


Table Title — 1. They warn that these changes are, however, mostly the result of composition effects: The expectation of the government in was also that the purchase power of people would reduce only slightly Ministry of Social Affairs, Income inequality on the factory floor. Health care and cure, education, public administration use such a system quite commonly. For the remaining years: A well-known and much used indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

Cao-lonende definitieve gegevens. The negotiations were quite difficult, because the employer side could not come to an agreement. Rather, because of shortages of highly skilled workers, high paid-high skill jobs are not replaced by low-paid service jobs De Jong, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. It is unclear why this percentage has stabilized. Sadly, we cannot relate to the precise sector distinction required. This inequality has not changed.


Because the indicator accounts for all other inputs into the production processes, the multifactor productivity gives a broader picture of productivity than the other traditionally use indicators such as labour productivity. The labour volume can be expressed in number of jobs, working years or worked hours. Tell us what you think. The percentage varies strongly between sector.



Evolution of Wages during the Crisis. Employers can use these days for moments that there is insufficient work available.

Evolution of Wages during the Crisis Observatory: Yearly changes 4b CBS Statline. The PI is not reduced with premiums for health care insurances, taxes on income and personal wealth.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

This is shown in the following figure. Cao-lonen, contractuele loonkosten en arbeidsduur.

Secondly, profitability remained high because wage and rental costs in and remained much lower than estimated. For employment, the labour hoarding-effect was quite important.