All the elements which make up the wayside signaling infrastructure play a vital role in system optimisation and passenger safety. Engineering and preventative maintenance servicing for CITYFLO solutions can be planned efficiently and in advance with EBI Tool Design and Maintenance. CITYFLO signalling is a CBTC system designed by Bombardier Transportation. It makes use of bi-directional radio communication between trains and.

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Some of the top 30 world’s busiest metros in terms of annual passenger rides [1] utilise a CBTC system.

If communication outage is permanent some sort of contingency operation must be implemented which may consist of manual operation using absolute block or, in the worst case, the substitution of an alternative form of transportation. The evolution of the technology and the experience gained in operation bombardierr the last 30 years means that modern CBTC systems are more reliable and less prone to failure than older train control systems.

This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat Learn more in our Privacy Statement. It makes use of bi-directional radio communication between trains and wayside equipment, as well as true moving block technology, to control train operation. The system communication network provides a private, secure and redundant communications path between the wayside and the onboard ATC equipment.

The EBI Lock supervises and controls wayside objects such cbc signals, point machines, balises and level crossing protection. Bombardier uses cookies in order to improve your online experience. This safety margin depends on the accuracy of the odometry system in the train.

The solution offers tailored after-sales support and training.


Meeting the capacity challenge

EBI Com radio block centre. Of course, in the case of upgrading existing lines the design, installation, test and commissioning stages are much more critical. Increased capacity and improved safety. CBTC systems allow optimal use of the railway infrastructure as well as achieving maximum capacity and minimum headway between operating trains, while maintaining the safety requirements. CBTC systems normally have less wayside equipment and their diagnostic and monitoring tools have been improved, which makes them easier to implement and, more importantly, easier to maintain.

We have many years of experience in allocating the appropriate resources during the different phases of a project and successfully delivering high-quality solutions in a limited timeframe.

They range from some implementations with short track, limited numbers of vehicles and few operating modes such as the airport APMs in San Francisco or Washingtonto complex overlays on existing railway networks carrying more than a million passengers each day and with more than trains such as lines 1 and 6 in Metro de Madridline 3 in Shenzhen Metrosome lines in Paris MetroNew York City Subway and Beijing Subwayor the Sub-Surface network in London Underground.

Walt Disney World Monorail System. Both of bomardier form what is usually called ‘Footprint’. A few months later, in JuneAlstom introduced the railway application of its radio technology on the Singapore North East Line.

Cityflo CBTC – Wikipedia

CBTC systems are modern railway signaling systems that can mainly be used in urban railway lines either light or heavy and APMsalthough it could also be deployed on commuter lines. Automated technology for Taipei. EBI Cab systems may not only generate savings in energy consumption, but also ensure that trains arrive on time.

The higher the GoA, the higher the safety, functionality and performance levels must be. Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK Uniform project management processes across the entire Bombardier project portfolio Project execution reflecing best practice from previous projects Certified project management professionals leading our key projects.


Metros and other railway systems are able to improve headways while maintaining or even improving safety. These train attendants are also on standby between Botanic Gardens and Caldecott stations.

End of Movement is the location to which the train is permitted to proceed according to an MA. Train protection systems Telematics Railway signalling block systems.

Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit. As with new application of any technology, some problems arose at the beginning mainly due boombardier compatibility and interoperability aspects.

EBI Switch point machines.

Transit lines using the Cityflo system as of February 26, include the following: The information needed from the track for the normalization of position errors is passed to the train through norming point balises located in the middle of the track at certain points. Views Read Edit View history. Train conductors will be located aboard the train because other parts of the routes using the Eighth Avenue Line will not be equipped with CBTC.

Our diagnostics systems can also help to identify unexpected occurrences such as door failures or overshoots at stations that will highlight potential maintenance issues. We are experts in project delivery from research and product development to project management, engineering, safety assurance, testing and commissioning, maintenance and services. Communications failures can result from equipment malfunction, electromagnetic interferenceweak signal strength or saturation of the communications medium.