it will be raised in to 65 years, and, thus, to the respective men’s age. Aside from this (FILCAMS)/Terziario Distribuzione/Terziario Distribuzione Servizi. Confcommercio/ Obviously. CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. _welfare-to-workproroga-alottobrepdf .. . .

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Federalberghi, for instance, represents some 27, hotels out of a total of around 34, In this sense, they are not a forum for the debate of sectoral issues but rather a crucial means to jointly provide support to the firms and the workers of the HORECA sector. There are some other minor collective agreements in the sector whose relevance in terms of coverage is marginal, if any.

In general, the sector is characterised by a high turnover of companies. In case of outsourcing of cleaning activities, special negotiations will be held with a view to find alternative solutions and avoid contracting out. For this reason, in recent years they frequently requested more investments in vocational training courses, with the aim to increase the skill level of workers and to promote the creation of new high-qualified jobs in the sector. Consequently most part of workers employed in the sector did not benefit from training courses Source: These are all issues which are traditionally addressed at the bargaining table or at workplaces in the implementation phase of collective agreements and, of course, of legislative provisions.

Contribution of collective bargaining, social dialogue and social partners to addressing the challenges facing the Hotels and restaurants sector 3. In Confcommercio, Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil have started negotiations in order to renew the national multi-industry agreement signed in on the Workforce Safety Representatives. Yes, the latest collective agreement renewals of cover a number of such issues Confcommercio: In particular, in the Confcommercio renewal, it is possible to find the following provisions: Commentary The hotels and restaurants sector is a key segment of the Italian economy, especially in connection with the tourism activities which characterise large areas of the country.

Addressing risk factors at work, including health risks, ergonomics, violence and harassment; Measures dealing with migration including ethical recruitment; measures for the better integration of migrant workers, etc.


In the field of gender equality, Federalberghi is presently preparing an analysis of female employment in the tourism sector as well as of the provisions included in the sectoral agreement and in legislation that can be used to support equal opportunities and exploit the full potential for the development of female work in the sector Source: Industrial relations in Italy and Europe. The name of each relevant trade union active at national level in the sector and their overall number of members within the sector.

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This is often considered as tfrziario sort of de facto extension mechanism. Non-EU workers, according to one of the main sectoral associations Federalberghiwere 8. This included, for instance, the definition of training programmes that shall be followed by apprentices. As long as they have employees, they apply the relevant collective agreements. Trade union membership and collective bargaining are thought to be low in the sector and basically involve workers of large companies, such has large hotel chains.

Leave this field blank. The renewal includes a derogation to the maximum duration of fixed-term contracts with the introduction of a preference clause in favour of former ccml workers in new recruitment procedures.

Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector | Eurofound

Is there a practice of extending sectoral agreements to employers who are not affiliated to the signatory employer associations? Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. In Italy, the hotels and restaurants sector, as other commerce and service sectors, is characterised by a significant presence of irregular and informal workers.

The system is funded by social contribution paid by both firms and workers. The rules establish that rest periods enjoyed after the reference week must be of at least 24 hours and that postponement of weekly rest commercuo can be implemented only in a clear and defined list of circumstances. In recent years andmost part of training courses have been cnfcommercio by firms with more employees i.

The incidence of industrial conflict in the sector is very low and stable, also because of the high presence of SMEs. See Table 4 and section 1. According commerclo Federalberghi, in around Density rate is regarded to be relatively low since the great majority of workplaces are rather small. In particular, since the negotiation procedure has been started by the unions confcommedcio all provinces, all employers affiliated to the Confcommercio representation system are paying the bonuses.

  ASTM F2170 PDF

Back to working life country profiles. Promotion of employment for young workers In recent years, collective bargaining focused on the strengthening of apprenticeships as the prevalent way of entry into 20112 in the tourism sector. Many of them are also addressed by the social partners through the system of joint bodies and the national intersectoral joint fund for continuous vocational training in the service sector Fondo paritetico interprofessionale nazionale per la formazione continua del terziario, For.


Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector

In general, the aim of the modifications concerning workplace health and safety was to make prevention the priority and to increase sanctions. Please provide information on the views of the major social partner organisations trade unions and employer organisations on trends and changes in the Hotels and Restaurants tezriario.

Federalberghi has joined in Summer an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Labour to provide 3, two-month traineeships to young people in the south of Italy. Moreover, in the percentage of part-time workers rose in comparison to The measures are implemented through the system of Joint Bodies Enti Bilaterali.

Tell us what you think. Click to share this page to Twitter securely Tweet. It is not possible to indicate the density rate in the HORECA sector since the relevant trade unions 2021 a broader section of the economy, which includes retail, and there are no disaggregated data.

The National Institute of Statistics Istat indicates that the share of non-EU workers in the Hotels and Restaurants sector increased during the recent economic crisis, especially in low-qualified jobs dishwasher, waiter, assistant cook.