BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—As the father of Robert Chasowa, Rights Commission officials presented the state of human rights report to. Malawi’s Chasowa report: More revelations in it. October 19, 88 Comments. The Citizen Committee on Good Governance is calling on government to act. Malawi Police submits final report on Chasowa murder to Judiciary. March 21, Pius Nyondo- Nyasa Times 2 Comments. The Malawi Police Service (MPS) .

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Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. Instead of reporting to the administration the duo reported to a PSU General Secretary Vincent Chaduka who in turn reported to the administration. Makanda on the front side and D. The hirings turned heel and spared the young man at a fee of K50 The traffic of phone conversations between Robert, Mukhito,and Jose come to an abrupt end on 22nd September.

Available information suggests the two were to be disposed off that night by assailants who failed to show up.

Not least of all, five meters from the place where Robert was found lying dead is an accounts office guarded by a Harry Makina, a few steps above the spot is the dispensary where Robert was supposed to have jumped off from which was guarded by a Chikondi Mwamvera.

Robert, Duncan and Phaniso also courted Catholic University students and promised them one point five million kwacha in return for their cooperation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notify me of new posts by email. Robert won over ten influential students from Polytechnic with a promise of a K2 cut from the ten million kwacha promised by Mukhitho. Next to Hyrid hostel is Nyika hostel which was guarded by D.

Robert Chasowa brutal death: Malawi govt to hire foreign investigators – The Maravi Post

All three were of Limbe Flea Market. It is not suicide. This turn of events left Robert disgruntled, embarrassed, frustrated, dejected and very!


Rpeort four am or five am four strangers hurriedly leave Poly campus Ndagha has a rehearsed story line on events leading to the death of Robert. The IG walked out for a good five to ten minutes and talked to the president and returned with K50, bundles which he distributed to each member and even gave another K50, for Justice. The timeline of events.

While reoprt details of the culprits were released, Banda said: Some how both guards did not notice any thing unusual.

After Nyika, there comes Mpingwi hostel which was guarded by D. The grouping planned to stop demonstrations planned for August 17 in favor of dialogue with the national president. Tembenu however has not indicated when the government will hire the investigators and how much it will cost. It seems Robert went comatose. The body of Robert Chasowa, 25, was found in a pool of blood at a student campus just over a year ago. Please enter your comment!

Thousands of Malawians have attended the funeral of a student activist whose death has raised suspicions amid attacks on anti-government critics. We will leave nothing undone to ensure that justice is not only done but also seen to be done. Then a report went to Soche police under officer in charge.

Robert goes on to threaten Jose that if the Police do not pay up the promised ten million kwacha, he would spill the beans to the media by Tuesday 27th September, Not surprisingly prominent members of CSOs started holding joint press conferences with high ranking police repirt in Lilongwe. The police investigators namely Ntosa of photography, Chabwinja of crime scenes and Mr Chisale an officer at southern region Police headquarters briefly interrogate his roommate Allan Chipwere and Ndagha and leave the crime scene within five minutes.

Mukhito reprimands Jose for having not taken any action on the owner of the phone number borne on the pamphlet. Njauju was killed two reoort ago in Lilongwe and the police arrested two people, including a police officer who was overheard boasting at a drinking joint that he knows the killers and someone who was found with the mobile phones of the deceased.


But a postmortem suggested Chasowa had been struck on the back of the head with a blunt instrument. The hit squad possibly had links with Ali Kaka a Chilomoni based car dealer with connections to Mukhito who is reputed to be in ownership of several hot cars through this link. Views Read Edit View history. Police said he had leaped to his death from a five-storey building and produced suicide notes as evidence. Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula and Dr. You May Also Like. This turn of events strongly links Peter Muthalika with the death of Robert.

Moses Kunkuyu, the information minister, told Malawi’s Nyasa Times: Phaniso suggested K, but the IG reporg with K, and made a promise that if the group was successful in thwarting the 17 August demos, ten million kwacha awaited the group.

Robert Chasowa brutal death: Malawi govt to hire foreign investigators

Recommended stories you may like:. Msonda sensed trouble from what he discussed with Mukhitho and advised the group to drop the matter. At this point in time Robert is receiving death threats from largely unknown assailants. Caroline Jere posts some sort of summons through the office of Ruben Chirambo one of the assistant registrars at the Polytechnic for Robert to appear before the police on the 24th of September for interrogation over the issue to do with the Weekly Political update.