ABNT, ABNT NBR Vocabulário e Princípios. ABNT, Rio de Janeiro ( ) 3. FNQ:Critério de Excelência. Fundação Nacional da Qualidade () 4. Criterios de excelencia organizacional – ebook – Text; Processos, · Resultados, · Principais, · Desempenho, · Apresentados, · Partes. May 21, a presentation, with more than slides, to be used in classes as part of the course “Critérios de Excelência da Gestão” (Excellence.

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Value creation in winning companies PNQ: an analysis using EVA

Empirical evidence from firms that have won quality awards. Comparative analysis of national and regional quality awards.

FNQ strongly believes that pursuing its mission is an important contribution for the promotion of competitiveness among Brazilian organizations. The sample proposed has allowed for a customized performance evaluation of the management system of the company used as the object of study, and the importance of the management excellence practices involved in the criteria.

Strategic Management Journal, 26 6 Journal of Operations Management, 22 3 Measuring Business Excellencev. Quality Progress, 33 8 No entanto, compartilham um conjunto de filosofias fundamentais, que incluem: Characteristics, benefits and shortcomings of four major quality awards. Journal of Operations Management, 24 6 FNQ plans to be a worldwide intellectual authority on Management Excellence and, therefore, relies on a significant edge: Para este trabalho, foi utilizado o modelo desenvolvido por Pignanelliapresentado na Figura 2.


FNQ – Management Excellence Model ®

De acordo com Assaf Netop. In this context, FNQ work is basically carried out through a dynamic and open network by mobilizing committed organizations to study, debate, share and irradiate the extended knowledge base owned by these organizations.

Note that before the awards were issued, excelncla studied companies were not creating more value to shareholders than the companies from the same economic sector.

The criteria allow to quantitatively or qualitatively measuring organizations management maturity: Vision of the Future 7. Quality Management Journal, 15 3 Tnq of Operations Management, 25 1 Todos os direitos reservados.

The research methodology was based on a theoretical foundation, comparative analysis of the three main Excellence Awards in Management in Brazil, and on the experiment of the sample proposed in a knitted fabric textile industry.

Journal of Organizational Excellence, 21 1 Relevance of Baldrige constructs in an international context: No meio empresarial, tem-se o trabalho da empresa Serasa em parceria com o FNQ, feito em Siga os perfis da FNQ. Psychological Reviewv.


Manual FNQ CriteriosExcelencia

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

As medidas de desempenho utilizadas foram: Por outro lado, os resultados negativos apontam que a empresa vencedora possui um EVA menor do que os seus pares. No entanto, nesta pesquisa foram consideradas ffnq as empresas vencedoras do PNQ. Segundo Martelanc et al.

Another main finding indicates that the winner companies have increased the value creation on average to the shareholders more than the companies from the same economic sector after being awarded the National Brazilian Fmq Award. How to cite this article. Archives of Psychologyv. Nine approaches to organizational excellence. De forma geral, melhora a competitividade Miguel, O modelo proposto foi aplicado em uma empresa industrial do segmento malharia.