DBL datasheet DBL component DBL integrated circuit DBL schematic DBL application note BL L DBL33 DBL3 DBL. See general marking information in the device marking section on page 8 of this data sheet. DEVICE MARKING INFORMATION TSSOP− DBL Datasheet: Quad voltage comparator, DBL PDF Download Daewoo Semiconductor, DBL Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet, Equivalent.

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DBL339 Datasheet PDF – Daewoo Semiconductor

Desolder always the first diode which you might meet on each line, then repeat step 3. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Then, try a dummy load. Sep 26, 9. You have mentioned that you could crank the voltage up to 24V with different capacitors. My ATX goes from 2,4v to more than 16v. I then installed the P1 wiper leg to Pin 1 side of the original jumper and the needed ground was picked off the grounded side of the grounding resistor. This is a great idea! LMN low power quad operational amplifier. Click here to register now. Using ics ps and the controller is a g.

Many thanks in advance for your reply. What I did to bypass WT chip: In this conversion, the feedback is connected only to the former 12 volt line, 5V stays unused. Alternatively, chip dbp339 pins 13, 14 and For every different kind of catasheet the approach is the same, however parts involved might differ a bit. The problem is, the schematic is quite complicated.


The board has a TL house-numbered equivalentand the only other chip on the board is a dual comparator. If it tripped the breaker and datasyeet in flames, then I hope you have read the Disclaimer before attempting this conversion, as you were instructed to do so at the main page. Here is often two resistors to GND.

Apparently it has an overvoltage protection circuit. If the supply shuts down even under a light load, proceed with step 4, otherwise — add a transil or a few watt 20V Zener diode in reverse polarity across the output terminals — bravo, your regulated supply is now finished! I have Corsair TX power supply which I want to datasbeet.

old computer power suply

However, there are also a few other designs, such as single MOSFET flyback topologies, with optocouple feedback driven by a UCx chip, which this tutorial does not cover. I have found a way to keep the protection ….

Choosing Motor For Robots. Do you have any idea or knowledges how can I do it????

DBL Daewoo Semiconductor, DBL Datasheet

I think the overload protector shuts it down. It seem the have two ferrite transformers. Greetings and thanks for your interest.

Hello and thanks for the comment! Sorry for my english. So is it possible? Modding a Philips Hue lamp. I have uc in datawheet power supply so pin I should use as you use? Can this conversion be accomplished with this particular supply.

DBL Datasheet(PDF) – Daewoo Semiconductor

Using a 5k trim pot to set datashfet high volt 14V on the 12v line and a 10k pot in series, to adjust the voltage. Its for an electroplating project.


Non-inverting input of 1 st comparator. Interface SD Card with Arduino. With multimeter connected to it, when i try to run it and voltage set under 8V for short moment multimeter shows the value set by potentiometer but at the same time it drops to 0. When i try to turn on PSU with voltage set under these values it immediately stops working. Brilliant article, very nice achievements, you just summed up months of research. Output of 1st comparator.

I need it to run 18v only. Such a design has a LOT more advantages that modifying an existing working supply to something one can easily blow and of which the final specs are unknown or uncertain without testing, datasheett could easily negate all the work.

What to do with LM? On a sidenote, have you submitted your project to hackaday and instructables? Basically, you will need to desolder those caps connected to the former twelve volt line and replace them with the same or higher capacitance rated at least 30 volts to have some headroom.

Did you know that you can connect 2 computer power supplies in dataxheet