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The publishing world was in an uproar. Having read bad reviews and being unsure about whether or not I would really like the story, the book was at first a little hard to get into.

Dragulj Medine

I don’t understand the great fear Random House had about printing meedine work, I see nothing insulting to anyone, Muslim or otherwise, in it. In The Jewel of Medina, we follow her story through childhood, womanhood, and religion. This may have been unavoidable as the story is told from a young, Muslim girl’s point of view, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

When her father, a close ally to Muhammad, decides to cement his loyalty and friendship to the prophet by betrothing A’isha to him when she is just 6 years old, her fate as his “child-bride” begins.

Jones portrays A’isha as a high spirited and willful child who feels stifle Sherry Jones’ novel The Jewel of Medina tells the story of the prophet Mohammad and his child bride A’isha.

Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones (3 star ratings)

Sherry Jones showed Aisha going through a process of growth. Beginning with an unusually early purdah forced segregation from the opposite sexA’isha discovers that life as Muhammad’s favored wife will not be an easy task.

I really had a hard time connecting with the main character and the story, but my main criticism would be with Ms. As soon as she has some suspicion of someone or draglj spies someone doing drgaulj bad, she reports it and instead of being applauded for her ‘good’ work, she is seen as being vindictiveness and untrustworthy given that she broke Muhammad’s confidence over and over again.


Dragulj Medine / Šeri Džons ; prevod: Lena Vasiljević. – Version details – Trove

While fictional, the behaviors and characterizations of each woman deepens the insight of the reader into ancient Islamic life. Was this evidence of “puppy love”? Unfortunately, The Jewel of Medina doesn’t even make a good romance novel. Now that I’m mentioning this, it really looks as if she’s mixing the Arabia of the 7th century AD, the Ottoman Empire and modern Islamic societies in her depictions of the status of women in the times of Mahomet and that’s revealed in her bibliography many books are about modern Muslim women The literary quality is also relatively poor and the only redeeming features of this book are its treatment of Muhammad although it always shocks some prudish people and its bibliography.

The jewel of Medina. Overall, my discomfort with Aisha’s age combined with her being straight-up annoying a lot of the time prevented me from enjoying this novel. By modern day standards this would be considered the rape of a child.

Some of us believe in a prophet so holy he sacrificed his mortal body for our sins, others in one who picked up his sword to fight for what he believed, when necessary.

I fully believe that Jones holds Meine and the Prophet in the highest regard.

The novella is a prequel to: It was definitely interesting enough to read in one day. Like the mother of the people, she was really interesting. Not once in this book did I feel there was a negative bent toward Islam or Muslims. She longs to be free to go where she will and do what she likes. I’ll admit it got better and I wanted to get to the ending but it didn’t teach me much.

Jones has also published a satirical short story, “Rapture,” on Kindle at http: This unabashed parade of new wives seemed to be the center of the story.


Every page of this book is unique. She is represented as behaving with utter foolishness in context of her time and social structure over and over again which makes her rather unlikeable. As Muhammad and the rise of Islam continued to grow throughout the region, more political marriages were arranged and more wives joined the household.

There’s only one character that could have made this book only very, very, slightly better Done in first drgulj singular dargulj not my favorite.

Whatever quibbles one has with the story’s execution, though, it’s great to see that the book found a publisher who refused to give in to malicious, ignorant threats. Not only must she give up her freedom and taste for adventure, she must navigate a path to her husband’s heart among a plethora of other women who also call Muhammad “husband,” and forsake the man who is her true heart’s desire.

And I can understand, actually, why those who follow the Prophet Muhammad would be upset. Although it’s a historical novel and can’t be read in the same way as a history book, I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about the beginnings of Islam. But it is a formula and an overused one, at that. Seemed to have so much potential but fell short, in my opinion.

I have to say it’s true–the writing is pretty terrible, and the characters are flat and unlikeable. Quotes from Dragulj Medine. This historical fiction, while interesting, was not something I could really sink my teeth into. This portrayal made Muhammad seem like an unscrupulous and lewd old man.