Lost Passport Application Forms DS and DS The government form you will need to complete when applying for a replacement for a lost US passport is. Application Form DS should be submitted when reporting a lost or stolen passport. The application form should be completed in black ink and answers. Form DS is one of the few forms issued by the US Department of State that can be completed online. This is because though the form allows a passport.

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Report your physical U. Box Sterling, VA It is not necessary to report the loss of a passport that has already expired. Once you have submitted the DS form you will no longer be able to use this application and would need to apply for a new passport using the Corm form application form.

Download both forms and fill them out using a black ink pen. I had a passport issued in August or Sept Because your passport expired inyou do not need to report it as lost or stolen.

Notice about Passport Numbers Our records and IT systems do not connect to the records or systems of outside companies. Respond to a Letter or Email. It is forn that you report the passport as lost or stolen using the DS Application. It is a good practice to keep this information safely in a spot that is separate from where you keep your passport such as a computer file.


Please see our updated content on how much a passport costs for the most from to date information.

DS Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport

Should you find your old passport, it will be invalid. We do not recommend reporting your U. Complete and Print Form Follow the instructions below to download the passport application form DS Before starting the application process, the old one must be reported stolen or lost. Here you will need to give then details about your lost passport ds644 or card with the number and issue date.

DS Application for Lost or Stolen Passport

I never needed to use one since then, but want to renew. You are asked to describe the efforts you made to recover the passport. Apply For or Renew My Passport.

For whatever the reason is for losing a passport, you must apply for a new one, and the process must begin. You can do this dd64 with the DS Passport Form and you can now submit it online here. Once you submit your DS application, your current passport is invalid and the information reported worldwide.

The middle section deals with the ds6 of the lost or stolen passport. Forms for Special Situations You should only submit the forms listed below for special situations.

DS-64 – Lost or Stolen Passport Application Form

We can return the passport after it is canceled. Skip to main content.

Sign and Date the Form The place to sign the application form is at the very bottom of page one. Passport Gorm and U.

U.S. Passports

You should only report your U. Have Your Say Leave us a comment in the box below. For this section of the DS, you will see there are two section one: Notify the US Department of State immediately that your passport has been lost or stolen. If you lose your passport or think your passport is stolen, it can be a fogm experience, but you can get a replacement. The Passport Agency should be able to replace your passport in fewer than eight business days, but restrictions do apply and it is based on torm.


Most Common Forms for a U. You must also print single-sided. Do not use DS, instead use DS form. All of the following is necessary if you are doing place of birth. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement by the U. It is for parents of a minor who is replacing a passport. You will need to select if the either is lost or stolen here.

The DS Passport Form asks your name and contact information as well as the circumstance for how you lost or had your passport stolen. Even if you are not traveling within two weeks, you will still have to submit Form DS at a Passport Application Acceptance Facility in person.

I sent it today, can Vorm cancel it before processing? Select “Save Target As