Bernhard suele criticar Austria (su país) de una manera fulminante en lo que escribe, y Castellanos Moya hace lo mismo en este librito, pero de El Salvador. El Asco / The Disgust has 11 ratings and 1 review: Published September 25th by Literatura Random House, pages, Paperback. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San.

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This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat The problem for me with this statement is that the fiction of my own good friend is often compared to Bernhard and whose words casteellanos constantly reminded of the great Austrian especially in his sometimes uniquely personal and intensely crazy rantings of his own.

As I was reading, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. The book is also a work of homage to Thomas Bernhard, a pastiche. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. In this short novel published in Spanish ina one-paragraph rant delivered Thomas Bernhard—style that earned the author death threats, a sensitive fellow drinks two whiskeys and some mineral water as he talks to the author, Moya, at a bar in San Salvador from five to seven in the evening.

Moreover, it’s a one-joke book, and the joke is given away in the “disclaimer” that precedes the text, the joke, such as it is, being an exiled El Salvadoran writer with Casteolanos citizenship taking the name of Bernhard, who took upon himself the task of excoriating his non-native Austria despite being a citizen of that religion- and fascism-tormented realm. One of my colleagues suggested that the threats were related to Primera Planaa short-lived weekly journal indeed, it was published in —95 of which I had been editor in chief and was highly critical of the political powers created by our civil war.

But then perhaps the author thinks us all as czstellanos as his creation.

Horacio Castellanos Moya

Lee allowed me the opportunity to read this work before he found a publisher for it. El Asco Horacio Castellanos Moya. While there, he meets with the author and harshly criticizes every aspect imaginable of the Salvadoran capital: Also I found that the constant reminders of reported speech he said, he said, he said, he said really threw off the rhythm, which is a shame because this narrator was not enjoyably detestable, but just detestable.


It’s really rather ingenious. Lists with This Book.

Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya

Aunque sea una imitacion y una muy precisa del estilo de Bernhard, me parece bastante original. It was my mother calling from San Salvador: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He lived there until when he left to attend York University in Toronto. I guess to a degree it’s in how you choose to see the world. Ten years ago, in the summer ofI was visiting Guatemala City and staying with a friend when the phone rang in the middle of the night.

El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya

The book is also indeed a bitter critique of El Salvador, csstellanos the author Castellanos Moya is from, and its culture. Not only did Vega hate the people, he hated the geography and the weather. El Caso Moro Leonardo Sciascia. I guess to a degree it’s in how you choose to see the world.

He lives in South Philadelphia. I never could accept that of the hundreds of countries where Castrllanos might have been born I was born in the worst country of all, the stupidest, the most criminal, which is why I went to Montreal, well before the war began, not in search of better economic conditions, but because I never accepted the macabre twist of fate of being born here.

And if an American writer were to do the same type of book for here in a similar style? An excellent novella that exceeded my expectations. It’s not hard to believe that the author received death threats following the book’s publication. It is also the author Moya who is relating this tale, though the words come all from the mouth of Vega.

About Horacio Castellanos Moya. The protagonist in Revulsion is a Thomas Bernhard-esque character who returns to El Salvador after eighteen years to deliver a page diatribe against the country.

A note following the novella reveals as much: View all 19 comments. As a fiction writer, he was granted residencies in castellnaos program supported by the Frankfurt International Book Fair and in the City of Asylum program in Pittsburgh Un Momento de Descanso Antonio Orejudo. View all 7 comments. Moya has fallen into the Bernhard trap and produced a work with all the repetition and vehemence of a Bernhard work without the essential qualities, so, a rant, an outrageous rant, an insulting outrageous rant, moyaa paragraphs, but not really Bernhardian and, in this case, barely a novel.


This little book is great. Ojo, no es para nacionalistas, ni para gente sin humor, que en definitiva no lo van a entender. Horacio Castellanos Moya born is a Salvadoran novelist, short story writer, and journalist. The professor starts and only stops when I guess the author had had enough and he had to call it a day somewhere. This is my second Moya, and while I’ll persist and read more, I’ll be looking for the longest he’s written, hoping that with more attention over more pages, he’ll rise a little above the clever.

But yes, just two hours, which is about how long it’ll take you to read this little book. All of us, at times, might have a moment for expressing our rants. An excellent novella that cxstellanos my expectations.

El Asco / The Disgust by Horacio Castellanos Moya

Perhaps the greatest difference between the writers mentioned above and the writer Moya is that in this particular story there wasn’t anything mentioned of worth beholden to his country.

It is tonally and topically appropriate, and would provide an interesting saco of comparison between the two writers.

You can never be sure that Moya means it, and that just adds to the fun. I enjoyed the hell out this.

This little book is great. Its acid humor, like a Buster Keaton movie or a time bomb, threatens the hormonal stability of the idiots who, upon reading it, feel an irresistible urge to string the author up in the town square. Early on I was a bit distracted by the obvious attempt at a Bernhardian rant, but I continued on with my reading in the spirit of some of my own vitriol and those of others I have known who have let it all out and used me as their sounding board.