[Introductory note: The Patriarcha of Sir Robert Filmer () ranks among the commonwealths.3 The latter, in his book De Jure Regni apud Scotos. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Filmer books online. Patriarca o el poder natural de los reyes / Patriarch or Natural. La polemica Filmer-Locker (!) sobre la obediencia política: Patriarca, de Robert Filmer: Sobre el gobierno, de John Locke. Estudio preliminar de Rafael Gambra.

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All the Argument I find he brings against them is this. Here I would fain know who shall judg of this lawful Cause? Yet some say that Edgar made those Laws, and that the Confessor did but restore and mend them. Of the Blasphemie against the Holy Ghostfrom orargued against Calvinistsstarting from John Calvin ‘s doctrine on blasphemy. Paten de Anno 8 Ed.

But, the habit once formed, nothing is easier than to transfer it from one object to another. I ask but one Example out of the History of the whole World, Let the Commonweal be but named, wherever the Multitude, or so much as the Greatest part of it consented, either by Robret or by Procuration, to the Election of a Prince.

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All are under him, and he roberf none, but God only: But they are so far from punishing, that they may be punished themselves for intermedling with Parliamentary Business; they must only chuse, and trust those whom they chuse to do what they list; and that is as much liberty as many of us deserve, for our irregular Elections of Burgesses.

English Choose a language for shopping. But the Vanity of these Conjectures are judiciously discovered in that Majestical Discourse of the true Law of free Monarchy; wherein it is evidently shewed, that the Scope of Samuel was to teach the People a dutiful Obedience to their King, even in those things which themselves did esteem Mischievous and Inconvenient: Taliation was ordained, in case the Suggestion to the King proved untrue.

Against the Antiquity of Parliaments we need not dispute, since the more ancient they be, the more they make for the Honour of Monarchy; yet there be Edition: This Power is immediately in the whole Multitude, as in the Subject of it; for this Power is in the Divine Law, but the Divine Law hath given this Power to no particular Man— If the Positive Law be taken away, there is left no Reason, why amongst robeet Multitude who are Equal one rather than another should bear Rule over the rest?


In the beginning God gave authority to Adamwho had complete control over his descendants, even over life and death itself.

We may find what Judgment in later times Parliaments have had of Proclamations, by the Statute of The way then to examine what proportion the mischiefs of Sedition and Tyranny have one to another, is to enquire in what kind of Government most Subjects have lost their Lives: Locke’s scheme of government has not ever, to the knowledge of any body, been exemplified any where.

Part of the Politics series on. In septimo xe Hen.

Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings – Online Library of Liberty

But Political Power did not begin, until Families began to be gathered together into one perfect Community; wherefore as the Community did not begin by the Creation of Adam, nor by his will alone, but of all them which did agree in this Community: In the Case of Adam Brabson, who was assaulted by R.

It is plain by an Evident Text, that it is one thing to choose a King, and another thing to set up a King over the People; this latter power the Children of Israel had, but not the former. The King, Judge in all Causes both before the Conquest and since. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I know for this Position Aristotle quarrels with his Master, but most unjustly; for therein he contradicts his own Principles for they both agree to fetch the Orignial of Civil Government from the prime Government.

The benefit which accrews to the Subject by Parliaments, is, That by their Prayers and Petitions Kings are drawn many times to redress their just Grievances, and are overcome by their Importunity to grant many things which otherwise they would not yield unto; for the Voice of a Multitude is easilier heard.

He was called to the bar in but there is no evidence he practised law. But after that Families fillmer to be multiplied, and Men to be separated, and become the Heads of several Families; they had the same power over their Families. And to some he would give other Mens Wives by force, and make them be Married against their Wills.

After the manner dilmer Cattel, they follow the Herd that goes before; they have a Custom always to favour the Worst and Weakest; they are most prone to Suspitions, and use to Condemn men for Guilty upon any false Suggestion; they are apt to believe all News, especially if it be sorrowful; and like Fame, they make it more in the Believing; when there is no Author, they fear those Evils which themselves have seigned; they are most desirous of New Stirrs and Changes, and are Enemies to Quiet and Rest; Whatsoever robret Giddy or Head-strong, they account Man-like and Couragious; but whatsoever is Modest or Provident, seems sluggish; each Man hath a Care of Edition: If Adam did, or might exercise the same Jurisdiction, which a King doth now in a Commonwealth, then the Kinds of Power are not distinct; and though they may receive an Accidental Difference by the Amplitude, or Extent of the Bounds of the One beyond the Other; yet since the like Difference is also found in Political Estates, It follows that Oeconomical and Political Power, differ no otherwise, than a Little Commonweal differs from a Great One.


By the Major part of the People. I will borrow some of their Sentences.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is said, Skin for Skin, yea, all that a Man hath will he give for his Life; and a Man will give his Riches for the ransome of his Life.

Amazon Ed Digital Educational Resources. Again, the Israelites never shrank at these Conditions proposed by Samuel, but accepted of them, as such as all other Nations were bound unto.

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Cardinal Bellarmine and Calvin, both look asquint this way. Written by the Late Learned Dr. At a Parliament at Glocester, 2. Gobert if a private person make a Contract, either with Oath or without Oath, he is no further bound than the Equity and Justice of the Contract ties him; for a Man may have Relief against an unreasonable and unjust Promise, if either Deceit, or Error, or Force, or Fear induced him thereunto: Meaning he should earn his Privileges, by doing the work for Edition: This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Servitium; nusquam Libertas gratior extat Quam sub Rege pio —. It may be answered by some, That if either the Greatest part of a Kingdom, or if a smaller part only by Themselves, and all the Rest by Proxy; or if the part patriarcq concurring in Election, do after, by a Tacit Assent ratifie Edition: Retrieved 28 February Sue to the Council, and as they will have us to do, we will; and otherwise not in this case.

Kings were before Laws. Thus far Bellarmine; in which passages are comprised the strength of all that ever I have read, or heard produced for the Natural Liberty of the Subject.