In this article, I will share Top 40 keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro and I’ve categorized them to make these easier to find. In this article, I want to show how to create, modify and delete custom keyboard shortcuts in Apple Final Cut Pro X. NOTE: Here are two other. There are over menu options in Final Cut Pro X; and hundreds of keyboard shortcuts. However, not every menu choice has a shortcut and.

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Delete the selection and attach the connected clip or clips to the resulting gap clip.

Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

Overwrite the selected connected clip into the Primary Storyline. And, yes, you can have more than one shortcut assigned to the same menu option.

The Select Tool allows you to grab clips and move them around within the magnetic timeline. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Kegboard, you can use them, too. This dialog also allows you to duplicate a command set, export a command set shortvuts move it between computers, import a command set, or delete a custom set. An Insert Edit will insert the selected clip at the location of the skimmer or playhead.


Nudge down the value of the selected keyframe in the animation editor. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses.

If you lasso several clips and select New Compound Clipthe clips will form one compound clip, which you can modify as one. Free Download Free Download. This displays the Command Editor.

Press J again to go 2x speed backwardsagain to go 3x speed, and so on. July 13, at 9: Nudge the selected audio edit point left by one subframecreating a split edit.

FCP X: Keyboard Shortcut Secrets | Larry Jordan

Raise or lower the volume of all selected clips by 1 dB. Keys with color already have a shortcut with Sbortcuts assigned to them.

Create a new Keyword Collection. Connect to Primary Storyline q The Connect to Primary Storyline command will connect the selected clip to the primary storyline above or below at the location of the skimmer or playhead. Move playhead to previous or next keyframe. Replace the selected clip in the timeline with the browser selection, starting from its start shortcutts.

Today I wanted a keyboard shortcut for the excellent new Draw Mask tool in The Import Files command will open the Import Files window, which allows you to navigate to the desired files for import. Enter a negative timecode value to move the playhead back, move a clip earlier, or trim a range or clip, depending on your selection.


Download the free trial version below. Make the current inspector active.

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X

The Inspector allows you to find detailed video and audio information about your media. In the menu at the top left, you can select between different command sets.

Apply keyword 1 to the selection. Final Cut Pro User Guide 1. Become a member of our Video Training Library today!

Expand or collapse audio components for the shortcuys in the timeline. Lift the selected Primary Storyline clip and make it a connected clip.

Turning off audio skimming allows the playhead to navigate through the Timeline soundlessly. Trim Tool t The Trim Tool allows you to perform rolls, slip edits and slide edits.