Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough and strategy guide including side quests, Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, magic juntioning tips and Triple Triad cards game guide. I’m looking for a written guide dedicated to a % run(all gf, cards, limit breaks, items, etc). I’m already aware of speed runs on youtube but. Full game walkthrough with focus on picking up all steam achievements for the game.

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Take the elevator up to waokthrough third floor. You may want to save after each Mystery Fluid or two. Queen of Cards Introduction. If you want to cheat, or if you are genuinely stuck, go here to see the answers.

Return to the forest by Dollet and throw rocks at Mr.

Then go through the door on the bottom left of the room. The majority of the game is spent focusing on Edea being the antagonist until later on when it is revealed that the primary antagonist is Sorceress Adel and Ultimecia. Respond “Naw, just my imagination.


After the dialogue, exit up again. Take the elevator up to the second floor. Return to the world map and save your game.

Follow the dog through town. At that point, Card should succeed within a few tries. Once you are fully stocked up, flee the battle. Return to the hotel and save your game.

Final Fantasy VIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

Consider saving your game, then leave the Training Center. Return to Laguna’s house. I very much enjoyed the look and feel of the game. Pick Squall, Zell, and Rinoa, since they should still have all the Magic you use for junctioning. F8 right 3 screens and back up through the manhole.


Receive a Phoenix Pinion. Leave Wlkthrough and save your game. The place where you will find the doctor. You can draw Blizzara from the draw point here.

Hopefully in the aftermath, your seed rank increases. Have Zell and Seifer draw Cures each. Exit the library walkturough the left, and a couple screens later, at the main hub of the garden, head up and take the next path to the right, heading into the Training Center.


Exit left once again. Talk to the man next to the Timber Maniacs doorway. Speak with Raijin, then Fujin, then Zell, and finally one of the guys in the background to move the story forward. Walk up and approach the Chocobos for a dance. Go down two screens to return to the main hall.

Pull the lever to the right of the save point to open the door on the right of the area. Exit left, then continue left again. Answer “But the Owls are still around. Being VERY careful not to overdo it and kill him, hit Granaldo with Rinoa doing about 60 dmg and Zell doing about dmg a few times to knock him down under health.