Forequarter amputation (FQA) is a surgical treatment of tumors in the upper extremity and shoulder girdle that infiltrate the neurovascular. Forequarter or inter scapulothoracic amputation is an uncommonly performed operation for malignant tumours involving the proximal end of humerus and the. Forequarter amputation combined with chest wall resection is a rarely performed procedure. Six patients were treated for advanced malignancies with this.

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Case 1 A female of 30 reported with a slowly increasing painful mass in the right upper arm for the last three months. The clavicle was carefully elevated to expose the subclavian artery, vein, and brachial plexus.

Forequarter amputation – Wikipedia

Bohm P, Muller G. Orthop Clin North Am ; 8: In the case of forequarter amputation, any remaining musculature, such as the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, and trapezius, should be sutured together to form additional padding and contour over the chest wall.

J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. A forequarter amputation is a radical ablative surgical procedure that includes the entire upper extremity with its shoulder girdle 2. ABCD sponsors treatment for those in need regardless of gender, race or creed, helping them to reach their full potential, to live life with dignity and fprequarter take their rightful place in their community.

Literally dozens of methods have been described in attempts to alleviate the problems a,putation amputation neuromas.

Forequarter amputation

The first oncological forequarter amputation was reportedly performed by Dixie Crosby in for a case of osteosarcoma. The amputation stump itself is of no ammputation functional value at these levels because even the ability to grasp or stabilize large objects between the residual limb and thorax will be eliminated.


In the anterior technique of Berger Fig 10A He went on to develop wound complications with subsequent deep infection; and after several debridement procedures, eventually agreed to an above elbow amputation which was performed without complication.

Her bone and visceral scan were normal. Ultimately wound coverage was obtained via vacuum assisted closure Figure 6 followed by split thickness skin grafting 2 weeks later.

Amputattion custom humeral prosthesis 6 or an inter positional metallic device 7 may be implanted for reconstruction. Biopsy revealed an osteogenic sarcoma of humerus. He was left with a gangrenous stump and had a few days to live.

Major ablative procedures in orthopaedic surgery. The histopathology diagnosis was fibrosarcoma. Microsurgical techniques enable the surgeon to make use of distal portions of the limb uninvolved with the disease process necessitating amputation to provide skin or muscle flaps to aid in reconstruction of the amputation site.

Electrically amputztion prostheses for the adult with an upper limb amputation. Excisional biopsy with negative margins was performed; histology confirmed Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma MFH as the diagnosis.

New York, Churchill Livingstone,p. Find articles by Miguel de la Parra. He was seen again after a year and a half with painful progressive swelling of the whole upper arm with loss of function of two months duration. Surgical oncology Surgical removal procedures Types of amputations. This allowed frequarter shoulder girdle to be freed and the whole extremity to fall away from the trunk. To find out more about ABCD,the work we do and how our funding is spent go to www.


Amputation surgery in the upper extremity, Orthop Clin Forqeuarter Am ; 3: InPaul Berger published a classic description of an anterior approach to forequarter amputation 1.

Preservation of the vorequarter musculature also facilitates myoelectric control of a prosthesis. The age and health of patient allows for a major surgical procedure, but not a series of reconstructive procedures. Divide all muscles attached to scapula.

Dissection begins posteriorly with transection of the trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles in line with the medial border of the scapula. Shoulder silhouette and axilla reconstruction with free composite elbow tissue transfer following interscapulothoracic amputation. Following release of the pectoralis major from the humerus and the pectoralis minor from the coracoid process, the major neurovascular structures are exposed and controlled.

B Coronal magnetic resonance image of the same patient. Resection and immediate reconstruction with a free radial forearm flap extended from the distal third of the arm to the midpalmar region, taking the humeral artery and the cephalic vein as a main peddicle. Currently, the most frequent indications are the presence of malignant tumors of the arm, axilla, shoulder, and scapula.

Such nonconventional use of otherwise discarded portions of the amputated limb amputatiion always be considered.