Gerald Kersh was born in Teddington-on-Thames, near London, in He left school and took on a series of jobs–salesman, baker, fish-and-chips cook. The Nights And Cities Of Gerald Kersh. This is a new site devoted to the life and work of Gerald Kersh, author of Night And The City and hundreds of short stories . Picture. Gerald Kersh. Fowlers End is a special kind of tundra that supports nothing gracious in the way of flora and fauna in (its) soured, embittered, dyspeptic.

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The Nights And Cities Of Gerald Kersh

However, the man succeeded in jolting a nerve which, for more than fifteen years, consistently gave Kersh a sore head and kept him awake nights.

It was gedald sombre period. The Times Literary Supplement. Two US compilations, On an Odd Note coll and Nightshade and Damnations collthe latter edited by Harlan Ellisonconveniently abstract some of Kersh’s fantasies and sf from his other short stories. He was in correspondence with the BBC fromand wrote comedy shows for the radio as well as an adaptation of They Die With Berald Boots Clean, which was banned – reason unknown.

Back in England, Kersh somehow got away with his desertion. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And it is by pursuing these scraps of information, by stitching them together with records and hearsay, that I have managed to sow a threadbare blanket covering those years between the swaddling clothes and the shroud. Night and the Citywas more successful and has been filmed twice, with Richard Widmark in and then in with Robert De Niro in the lead role this version transposed the setting from London to New York.

He was very prolific in shorter forms but is known mainly for such work outside the sf field as Night and the City and They Die with their Boots Clean Gerwld page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Brock Heinemanna spy novel and love story with science fiction overtones involving the ultimate explosive, was published posthumously, but was a minor work, no matter how enjoyable.


Bad luck for the world. The influence of his propaganda writing should not be underestimated – The People was the largest selling Sunday newspaper during the war, and the media often took their lead from ‘Piers England’.

Gerald Kersh – Valancourt Books

He’ll do anything for money, and eventually turns white slave trader. After receiving the script, he suggested that they perforate it and hang it on a nail. Retrieved from ” https: From about the mids onwards, he started to suffer from poor health and financial hardship specifically relating to his failure to pay income tax. She gathers everyone she suspects at a party, and the only thing she learns is how to mix punch. Illness began to overtake the body of Kersh.

Edit Did You Know? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How Much Have You Seen? Good luck for us. Related News The great lost London beat thriller: These contain some of Kersh’s best gerlad, yet were never published in America. The Song Of The Flea Reginald Saunders,a loose sequel to Geraldd And The City also set in seedy London, explores the bad luck and degradation that a writer will endure in order to make the time and money to write something of integrity.

At the age of two, pretty little Gerald became very ill. Technically, it is a critique of the whole crime and mystery genre. In “Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo? Kersh was a bit of a character himself.

Retrieved 17 March Kersh soon re-married, to Florence Sochis, and settled in various, remote areas of New York State where he could spot a creditor at ten miles. For every successful author, there are a thousand others struggling to get in print.

Kersh was always getting into fights of one sort or another. Kersh died on 5th November His five page letter reproached Wallace for his success, challenged him to read the enclosed short lersh which, Kersh claimed, was a better story than Wallace could ever write and, in the same breath, asked him for advice.


London’s most erotic writers”.

Whilst Fowlers End was cruelly ignored by the critics, praise without end was heaped upon Kersh’s story of the life and emotion of Saul, the hunter of Christians, who became Kers Paul. English Choose a language for shopping. Kersh wrote at night, in long hand, after lights out.

Edgar Wallace replied politely, if briefly, through his secretary. He bore other trophies – a knife wound on his left wrist and tooth marks on the knuckles of his right hand. The few Kersh novels containing fantastic elements are perhaps less lersh. However, Kersh continued to publish novels and stories, some of which were commercially and critically successful.

Temporarily out of stock. Kersh also wrote articles and short stories under his own name from to His only SF novel is The Great Wash Heinemannpublished as Secret Masters in the US, which geald on the plans of a group of scientists who want to take over the world by melting the polar ice-caps, hence flooding most of the world’s population. Gedald Music Stream millions of songs. Fowlers End May 27, He knew what he wanted to be: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

In Valancourt Books began reprinting many of Kersh’s titles. The doctor pronounced him dead of lung congestion. Born on 26th August in Teddington-On-Thames, Gerald Kersh grew up in a Jewish family geralv of lersh who were to provide a rich and painful source of literary material in future years.

After leaving school, he worked as, amongst other things, a cinema manager, bodyguard, debt collector, fish and chip cook, travelling salesman, French teacher and all-in wrestler whilst attempting to succeed as a writer.