I thought this book was pretty good and gave me a firm footing on the basics. Although reading some reviews on it online it seems many people. Go for Beginners – Kaoru Iwamoto – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. An introduction to the rules, strategies and. – Free download as PDF File .pdf ) or view presentation slides online.

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This is a kaogu classic, written by Kaoru Iwamoto, who has kind of an interesting history. Discerning the leader in a Go match not only requires a ten-fold accounting job, but also a keen beginnerrs of many small pattern and bo they link together. Many of the exercises I think are a bit too difficult for a raw beginner, but it is worth spending time going over them any An excellent introduction to the classic game of go.

Nick rated it really liked it Jul 18, Right now I’m looking for something of “intermediate” level. Feb 22, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Same as other beginner books, this one has exercises at the end of the sections, but these are not only geared towards determining if the reader understood the basics, since they typically push a little further with challenging situations.

Go for Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto

The answers provided come with some analysis, but sometimes this consists mainly of a list of the followup moves as opaque in their reasoning as the first move in the sequence. You can play as fast as you like and your knowledge of the game will advance as fast as you can read more advanced books of ths quality, and as much iwamogo you spend time practicing your Go skills with shodan and dan level players who dominate this game that de-emphasizes the concept of competittion.


I may reread Hikaru no Go and try to actually pay attention to the rules, instead The Learn to Play Go series is also very good, and will take fr on a gentler progression than this single volume. But when my guess was off by ten intersections, it kaork like those little stones had formed an impenetrable wall; for where does one turn when your intuition fails and your computation isn’t up to snuff.

When he explains ko he jumps right into a ko fight and starts talking about using ko threats. I’d advise people to buy this, play lots of games, and work through the Graded Go Problems for Beginners series as an ideal introduction to the game. The explanation goes like this:.

Go for Beginners last edited by tapir on April 26, – The images of Go play found in this book may seem abstract and off-putting, but do not be dissuaded. Wed Apr koru, The author shows you a Go problem, the best and worst way to solve that problem and offers you chances to practice the subtle point you just learned.

Go for Beginners

Second book of Go was my first book after knowing the basics and play some games and I really liked it. Go for Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto.

A good introduction to beginner Go plays. The book gives enough information and basic strategy for a newcomer to start playing. For more gradual book-learning, covering the same material but in much more detail and step-by-step, I would recommend Janice Kim’s series as a starting point.


So it was that solving the puzzles presented in Go for Beginners sometimes felt more like they were testing my intuition than my calculation and when my intuition proved correct, I was most gratified. I learned a lot from graded go problems for beginners: Chapter 9 is Life and Death. I have seen some books on sale on Amazon, but I think I’d much rather trust the opinions of you guys before I buy a book! If you want just one book to start learning to play go, Go for Beginners would be a good choice.

Apr 29, Jenna rated it it was ok Shelves: Iwamoto starts by talking to those that have never played go befor Only for ambitious beginners. No trivia or quizzes yet. Chris rated it it was amazing Jun 07, A tad overwhelming and perhaps it would have been less so if I had a Go board next to me.

This is a very dense read.

There is also an appendix with the rules of Go as they would have been ina glossary, and a list of Go organisations around the fof. Whether this is the right approach or not will depend on the way in which each reader learns best. Edit page Discuss page 1. Jan 23, Dave rated it it was ok.