Sri Gopala Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric. Stream Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan from desktop or your mobile device. Gopala Vimsathi – Learners Series. -vimsathi-learners-series/ Gopala Vimsathi consists of 21 slokas on Krishna.

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I salute with folded hands, Him who is black in colour, And who plays his pretty flute, In the midst of those gopis, Who are intelligent and experts. Lord Gopalan, showing great affection for the Gopis, stands before them in resplendent attire. Retrieved from ” http: In another reference this lady is Yasodha his mother.

Which painter painted the picture of this beautiful youth in my heart, who is like the morning Sun to the lotus-like faces of the love-sick Gopis? The beauty of Venugopala and His world-enchanting flute music has been celebrated by Srimad Bhagavatham and Periyazhwaar in particular Periya Tirumozhi: This great Stotra sings about the greatness of Gopala cow herd and is extremely popular among his devotees.

These are usually sung before Thadhiaradhanams Group partaking of food offered to God and on the occasion of marriages and on Krishna Jayanthi day in Thiruvahindrapuram [1]. I offer my worship to that blessed child, who freed the sons of Kubera from their existence as twin trees. There, he depicts Narada descending from heaven singing joyously the above verse during his journey to meet Purushan and initiate him into the mahAmantram of the Lord.

As he feigned fear at the sight of the approaching evil Puthana, he alternately cried and smiled. Verse 8 nikaTeshu nisAmayAmi nityam nigamAntai: He is wearing the peacock feathers peelis in his dark tresses.

Gopala-upAsakas seat Him at the center of this inner triangle and enjoy His illustrious beauty. His feigned fright at his mother however made him stop. Right from his infancy, when he was breast fed by his natural mother Devaki in the prison, he has been the essence of beauty in all the three worlds. Our senses are overpowered. Gopalan desirous of performing water sports with the Gopis tucked tightly vimsatgi garments.

Sitila valaya sincA SItalairhasta tAlai: For a moment, he wanted to run away to escape his mother. Victory to that goopala which partakes the nectar, Flowing from the lips of VishnuWho has taken the form of a gopa lad, For protecting all the world, And to him who is being taught, The dancing steps along with the, Beats created by the tingling soundCreated by their bangles by the gopis.


At this time, His cool and welcoming eyes resemble a pair of just-blossomed lotuses in the river of His mercy Dayaa. Let me protected by the protector of the universe, Who extended his hand to steal the sweet butter from the vimsatho, And seeing his very angry and clever mother with a rope, Moved slightly his leg but not moving hither or thither, Closed tightly both his eyes and waited for her.

He blesses Her with His auspicious glances. He enchanted the gopis of Brindavanam. Gopalan routinely raided the kitchen and stole this butter. He roams around with great desire for union with Gopis.

Gopala Vimsathi

We are powerless to describe His full beauty. Overcome by modesty, they rushed back into the water and prayed to him to return their clothes.

By the end of 14th centaury the followers of Saint Ramanuja had split in to Vadakalai and Tenkalai. Sunday, February 25, Gopala Vimsati. Log in Request account. As Yasodha went away, he checked around to make sure that she was out of sight and then pulled the tied mortar to the garden. To the lotus faces of lovelorn gopis, Who are infatuated by his face, Shining because of the peacock feather, Worn by him in his head.

May that mischievous Gopalan fond of Gopis be victorious! Victory to the emperor of the GopisWho looks at Saraswathi sitting on his lap, Who keeps his conch Pancha Janya close to his lips, Who sits in the middle of a triangle placed, In the middle of the holy lotus.

And who has etched his pretty face, In their minds always.

He commanded them to come out of the water with folded hands raised above their hands [as a mark of atonement for the sin of breaking the injunctions of Saastras]. This is a blessing that Swami Desikan earned as a result of his meditation on Rajagopalan. The incarnation of Vishnu taking the form of a cowherd to protect all the universes has on its coral-red lips the bamboo flute that tastes the nectar of this Gopala’s mouth. He not only helped himself to the poisonous milk from her breast, but also sucked her life through the very same act of responding to her cunning invitation to breast-feed him.


Let that form with the several ornaments, Appear before my mind, In which he folds one leg and, Holds the other leg straight, In which he produced musical sounds, And dancing steps in line with, The sound of churning of curds, Produced by his mother, For getting freshly made butter.

He appeared as though he was averting that danger by closing his eyes.

Upanyasams (mp3): Gopala Vimsathi

Even after they were released from their state as trees, the sons gopla Kubera did not vimmsathi to get back to their home, since they wanted to enjoy some more of His Bala Leelas. It is said that it was composed in Thiruvahindrapuram by the Acharya overwhelmed by the beauty of the Rajagopala idol in the temple. Hence, he decorates himself with the ornaments appropriate to the dwellers of the forests i. His mother normally stored freshly churned butter in shallow earthern vessels chattis.

He who was born there is the object of delectable experience for the sages, who do not covet anything else in this world. May that vision of this sweet, butter dance of Lord Gopala appear before my eyes! May the special pose that this protector of the Universe, who acted like an innocent child born in the family of cowherds of Gokulam, nurture the inhabitants of his world!

Sri Desika Stotras with Meaning: Gopala Vimsati

They are totally captivated by his gppala smile and the divine music originatinig from His flute. Those who read and recite this eulogy will have the blessings of the darSanam of the God of incomparable beauty, Venugopalan who was the keen object of desire of youthful gopIs.

He approached one of the Gopis, who was standing with one foot forward in the water and the other planted backward on the land.