Published: (); Yōmon senshū: Nichiren Daishōnin gosho: tsūkai tsuki / By: Nichiren Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū Hori Nikkō hen. 日蓮大聖人御書. This volume contains the translations of works from the Soka Gakkai publication ” Nichiren Daishonin gosho zenshu” (“The Complete Works of Nichiren. Get this from a library! Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū. [Nichiren; Nichikō Hori].

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Finally, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to those who have assisted with the preparation and editing of this dictionary.


Regarding this Gosho Nichiren Daishonin wrote, “I wanted to record the wonder I had experienced, in case I should be beheaded. Foreword Preface Guide to the Dictionary.

Nichiren Daishonin reveals himself here to be the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law who possesses the three virtues of parent, teacher and sovereign. This web site is not affiliated with nor sanctioned by any organization affiliated with Soka Gakkai International. This new dictionary focuses largely on Nichiren Buddhism. Nikko Shonin designated ten of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings as the most important of his works.

Mind, however, gosgo not limited to mere process of thought. Through the unifying principle expressed in the Lotus Sutra, however, those contrasting views are integrated and resolved, giving rise to the concept of the fusion of self and other. An early Buddhist text known as the Dhammapada reads: From the point of view of Buddhist doctrine, it discusses the vital importance of repaying debts of gratitude, especially to a teacher, and concludes that the way to repay such obligations fully is to embrace and propagate the Mystic Law.


Under Inaba-bo’s name, Nichiren Daishonin wrote this treatise to the steward on behalf of his disciple. It predicts that two further disasters, internal strife and foreign invasion, would occur if the country continues its support of mistaken teachings and heretical priests. If, by encountering this dictionary, many people are able to deepen their understanding of goosho appreciation for Buddhist philosophy, I will be deeply gratified.

It also outlines the Daishonin’s teachings and the reasons for his actions and urges Mitsumoto to abandon the Pure Land Nembutsu teachings and take faith in the Zensgu Law. Inaba-bo Nichiei, one of the Daishonin’s disciples who lived in Shimoyama, had tried to convert Mitsumoto and met with extreme opposition. It is the perspective of Buddhism that both conflict and peace arise from the human mind. Only Will Kallander is responsible for content of this site, and any questions, comments, or suggestions should be sent directly to him by email.

How do we keep ourselves at peace with and transcend the problem of death, our unavoidable destiny as human beings?

Copyrighted material is zendhu here zensju to Title 17 of the United States Code, Sectioneducational purposes only. It has three volumes, and the last volume is the “zokuhen” or “subsidiary texts whose authenticity is problematic”.

Foreword | Dictionary of Buddhism | Nichiren Buddhism Library

Buddhism places strong emphasis on zenshhu human heart and mind. Also written on Sado Island over a two-year period and dated April 25,this Gosho was entrusted to Toki Jonin, a government official and an early convert to the Daishonin’s teachings.

It asserts that during this time period shakubukuleading another to the correct Buddhist teaching by refuting his attachment to heretical views, is preferable to shoju gradually leading another to the true teaching without refuting his misconceptions. Buddhism elucidates the essential equality present on the level of life itself. Presented in a form of fifteen questions and answers, it establishes the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra over the provisional teachings. The essential message in this work, which I entrusted to Shijo Kingo’s messenger, is that the destiny of Japan depends solely upon me.


Bert, Most of the arguments occur, because people do not read their literature of their foundation, the Lotus Sutra. In this sense, I believe it is extremely important to understand such Buddhist concepts and consider them in terms of their modern significance. We are able to discern the beginnings of Mahayana within the Buddhism of India, but it began zenshy flower and bear fruit in earnest as it encountered and spread among different cultures.

It also recklessly mixes forged letters with authentic letters of Nichiren, so there is no way of knowing which is which. Each of those views offers a partial perspective and, taken goosho itself, may be considered biased or one-sided.

Catalog Record: Nichiren Daishōnin gosho zenshū | Hathi Trust Digital Library

And still today causes problem between those who should bond as brothers as many did to the treat of destruction of Japan in ‘s,by the Monguls! This is because the various contradictions we see in society and the world ultimately boil down to contradictions within the human being.

They read the commentary from zfnshu sect, or Leaders words, but not the Sutra itself, therefore they have a tilted view.