Discover ideas about Microwave. Gyrator is a two port device that has a relative phase shift of in forward direction and 0 phase shift in reverse direction. This chapter describes the importance of gyrator in electronic systems. is known as an isolator and has important applications in microwave technology. The gyrator is one of the ferrite device used in RF and microwave circuit design to obtain phase shift of about degree. It is basically a two port device.

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The overall effect is to translate a current into a voltage resulting in gyrator action.

For instance, a real capacitor can be transformed into an equivalent negative inductor. The op-amp keeps the negative input at the same level as positive, causing more current to pass through the 1k resistor to ground, it passes low frequencies, just like an inductor.

From the point of view of network theory, transformers are redundant when gyrators are available. There is a practical limit on the minimum value that R L can take, determined by the current output capability of the miceowave.

An ideal gyrator is a linear two port device which couples the current on one port to the voltage on the other and vice versa.

A mechanical-electrical analogy of the gyroscope making torque and angular velocity the analogs of voltage and current results in the electrical gyrator. Gyrator-Function and basics of gyrator Anisotropic material will have different properties in different directions.


Gyrator circuits are extensively used in telephony devices that connect to a POTS system. Because of this, a synthesized inductor realized with a gyrator and a capacitor may, for certain applications, be closer to an “ideal inductor” than any practical physical inductor can be. The analogy with mocrowave mechanical gyroscope has already been pointed out in the name section. Such a gyrator can be made with a single mechanical element by using a multiferroic material using its magnetoelectric effect.

A generalization of the gyrator is conceivable, in which the forward and backward gyration conductances have different magnitudes, so that the admittance matrix is. Reversing the arrow micfowave equivalent to negating the gyration resistance, or to reversing the polarity of either port.

Ferrite Devices:Gyrator, Isolator, Circulator Construction, Working and Applications – WikiNote

This limits their use in applications such as sensors, detectors and transducers. About The Author Admin. A gyrator can be used to transform load into an inductance. For example, RLC bandpass filter characteristics can vyrator realized with capacitors, resistors and operational amplifiers without using inductors. Before kicrowave transistor came into existence, coils of wire with large inductance might be used in electronic filters. The gyrator is basically a phase shifter with degree phase shift.

Unlike the gyrator, the transformer is a reciprocal component. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gyrators.

Priya, “Magnetoelectric multiferroic composites”sect. Such circuits can be used in practice, in filter design for instance, if the negative elements are absorbed into gyrahor adjacent positive element.

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The capacitor blocks low frequencies, causing the positive input of ygrator op-amp to be closer to ground. RF Switch For types of waveguide viz. Tellegen as a hypothetical fifth linear element after the resistorcapacitorinductor and ideal transformer.


The main application of gyrator is to reduce the size and cost of a system by removing the heavy, bulky, and expensive inductors.

Gyrator in Microwave Engineering

An Integrated Approachpp. Gyrator inductors typically have higher accuracy than physical inductors, due to the lower cost of precision capacitors than inductors. Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics.

However, when constructed of lumped elements there are always negative elements present. Views Read Edit View history. An inductor can be replaced by smaller assembly containing a capacitor, op amp or transistor and resistor.

They also don’t create magnetic fields and induce currents in external conductors the same way that real inductors do. The same principle is being used in the design of gyratpr. Ofoxhxyzfi November 14, Numerous passive circuits exist in theory for a gyrator function. Are You in Search of A Job? Anything that can be built from resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and gyrators, can also be built using just resistors, gyrators and inductors or capacitors.

Gyrator filter consists of a circular to rectangular waveguide transition both at dominant mode.