Girish Karnad’s play Hayavadana is considered one of the landmark works in the annals of Indian theatre. The play brings about the interplay of. Hayavadana is a popular play by Girish Karnad discussing about incompleteness, human relations, absurdism, sins, hypocrite ideals, etc. Get all the key plot points of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana on one page. The play opens with a puja to Ganesha, as the Bhagavata asks that.

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She sees their two headless bodies on the ground and attempts to commit suicide as well. Monisha Charan Artistic director and choreographer: They’re like having in-class notes for every discussion!

Hayavadana by Girish Karnad. Toggle navigation Register Login. Their body language in the scenes where they are questioned about the genuineness of their behaviour by another character, or when they doubt the appropriateness of their own behaviour in short soliloquies, were perfect examples of their talent.

They resist but Devadatta does not listen to them and both go away ultimately.

He discovers Hayavadana at the beginning of the play and is terrified by the half-horse, half-man. Devadatta is sitting on a chair.

He also asks Actor-1 to accompany Hayavadana. With cinematographer Pushan Kripalani and light-designer Arghya Lahiri at the helm of affairs, there is certainly a distinct aesthetic sensibility on display which creates that illusion of opulence even if the set-design by Dhanendra Kawade, is actually a spartan affair with several dhurries on all sides marking out a square, over which hang preening Chinese lanterns.

But in another sense, thanks to Goddess Kali, this conflicted transposition becomes a blessing for Padmini — she has the best of both the worlds!


Act 1 Act 2. Padmini, in her excitement, accidentally switches the two heads when she replaces them. Thus he cursed her and she became a horse and later on gave birth to Hayavadana.

However, Hayavadana rejecting his opinion tells that his mother, a princess fell in love with a horse. He eventually explains that he is there to woo her for Devadatta. It remains an enjoyable evening at the theatre, and a perfect outing for the festive season. This could well be the reality for many across the world.

While the premise is played out in comedic fashion, Ms Chawla’s persona of a child-woman with a burgeoning sensuality doesn’t lpay her character all the way. This is why he was singing National Anthem of India so that he might lose it. Collage Workshop for kids 8 to 12 years This is a 1-day workshop that uayavadana span for 2 hours i.

Hayavadana Summary | Girish Karnad | English Summary

Both friends fall in love with Padmini, a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky girl from the same town. Padmini begins to get worried about the two men and goes after them. However, when Devadatta shows his seriousness towards his love, Kapila also becomes serious. Both Padmini and Devadatta return back happily. The dolls are played by young children onstage. The Bhagavata suggests he go to the temple of Kalias she grants anything anyone asks for.

The narrator ends the play thanking the audience.

All Terms Puja Brahmin Sati. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. The first actor also enters, with a young boy in tow.

Upon hayvaadana, he tells that while he was defecating, a horse taunted him by talking in a human voice. Sign In Sign Up. The proscenium stage at the K R Cama Hall is kicked behind, and the auditorium floor itself becomes a kind of wrestling pit that seems to be the perfect setting for the mind games and sexual power play that is to take centrestage between Padmini Preetika Chawla and the two men in her life-the wrestler-type Kapil Vivek Gomber who embodies brawn with all its superficial lustre, and the tender-wristed poet of peerless faculty but suspect judgement, Devdutt Prashant Prakash.


It does so by employing a zestful ensemble of young actors who speak a modern dialect while still adhering closely to the pkay text.

She loves his newfound strength, and the two of them prepare for their child.

Recently, Izaara Productions brought this famous play alive on stage in Singapore under the skilful direction of Monisha Charan. In haste, Padmini mixes up the heads of both.

Just as the audience believes the play has ended, a second actor comes onstage saying that there was a horse walking down the street singing the national anthem.

All of this does seem to be rather stage-managed to the point that the actors hayavxdana seem to be intruding into their own space.

HAYAVADANA play review

Mail will not be published required. The lead hatavadana display complex emotions such as confusion, indecisiveness, and pretense effortlessly, without any exaggeration. In HayavadanaKarnad delves into the questions of existentialism through the quest of the individual for the assertion of his self despite his limitations and idiosyncrasies.

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