Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as. Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. Helena Ivanovna Roerich (–) by ICR The truly great is always seen from a distance. As regards the Russian philosopher and writer Helena Roerich’s .

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Woman must realize her significance, the great he,ena of the Mother of the World; she should be prepared to take responsibility for the destiny of humanity. By transmutation we mean the subordination of the lower to the higher, and we want to confirm the consciousness of mankind in the process of infinite progress.

Helena Roerich – Wikiquote

By suspecting, we show that we are inclined to do the things of which we suspect others. Think of the advantage this knowledge gives us! Roerich also knew archeology well. Let us discard all husks, let us show initiative, let us strive toward the refining of the quality of thought, and we shall succeed! How is it possible to disunite the cosmic creation? And what is given for distribution as the most essential food for starving souls, that which roerih lie in the foundation of the new evolution, remains with them without appreciation.

A man, according to the Teaching of Living Ethics, influences the Cosmic processes greatly. And foerich a return to balance can stop this self-destruction. Roerich’s Manchurian expedition, Roerich had corresponded with international organizations and coordinated activity for support the Roerich’s Pact International agreement for protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historical monuments. She never insisted on anything, never tried to convince us of anything, but she always placed in our paths what we needed.


Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

Thus let us remember. Nicholas Roerich planned on crossing the Tibetan Highlands at Lhasa. Therefore, each seed of spirit must feel similar unity. The scientist concludes his deductions by admitting the possibility of a gigantic, planetary cataclysm, and even in the very near future. In ancient times obedience was a step toward the next ordainment.

On DecemberRoerich, hhelena with her family, moved to India.

We shall grow immeasurably by practising this severity upon ourselves. Because I am Thy servant.

Also, other unexplored springs and salt lakes, which have various properties according to the statements of local inhabitants. Therefore, the one who alters the indication, or allows himself to doubt, should lay the blame on himself. Every co-worker can show resourcefulness and can display the strength of the shield from a new, unexpected point of view. When it becomes possible to enter the spheres of true cosmic creativeness, then the cosmic consciousness will come.

Roerich was born in the family of Ivan Ivanovich Shaposhnikov, a well-known Saint-Petersburg architect. Everything is performed in the name of this Ideal, and he always feels in his heart the love and the roegich of this Image.

Helena Roerich

Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. This time it is not the comparatively harmless hwlena of a comet but our own emanations which, by their discord with the approaching higher fiery energies, may evoke—or rather will evoke—an unexpected change. With all our imagination we are unable to embrace the significance of present events which gather around the cultural activities.

The Heritage aroused keen and sincere interest of our compatriots, especially those of them who aspire to find answers to the most stirring problems of Being.

In OctoberSvetoslav was born: When the sphere requires strong shocks, then it is impossible for the sphere to accept the flowing messages of Cosmos.

Where are heena similarly fortunate ones who can say this? Courage and patience must be found for throwing away the old shell to be reborn in joyful, luminous spirit. If we fail to perceive it, the fault is in our perception. When the difficulties of this inspirational work are known, it will be particularly helpful toward the realization that incessant advancement can be made.


The Roerich Museum, Roerich. Roreich transmutation creates a valuable sequence which grows infinitely.

We must also remember that the gradation of these fires, or rather their quality, is infinitely perfected, just as everything else in the Cosmos.

We Brothers of Humanity possess this power of acting in unison with the Cosmic Magnet. Each cultural thought applied in life is a precious treasure! We should keep it in complete purity and should struggle with the welter of petty thoughts born of selfishness.

My young friends, fill up the treasury of your spirit. But where doubt has made its nest, the fires of the heart cannot be kindled. Give them tests and do not hurry to promote them to the first ranks. Only vigilance enables us to overcome successfully all obstacles.

We must, therefore, work according to the general plan for the development of all of them. Forces which act along parallel lines in the same direction manifest the sum of these energies, and forces which act separately are weakened, according to the angle of their divergency. Her heritage is inexhaustible.

And obstacles were turning into capacities. My heart often talks and calls, as the great labor is ahead of us. Similarly the centers of the shoulders are called wings, because during a self-sacrificing podvig their rays intensify. Take all the above-said courageously; courageously crucify yourself, remembering the pressing time.