HERNIAS DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL ZONAS DEBILES DE LA PARED ABDOMINAL 1. Hernia epigástrica. 2. Hernia umbilical. 3. Hernia. Objective: Spigelian hernia is an uncommon abdominal wall defect. La técnica quirúrgica dependerá de las características del paciente, la hernia y la. H. epigástrica. . TÉCNICA LAPAROSCÓPICA• visualizar el defecto de la hernia y la anatomía circundante con claridad y ampliación.

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Patients and methods We carried out a retrospective review of patients operated on from to at our Hospital. J Minim Access Surg ; 4 4: Only a small percentage of SH 0. quigurgica

Hernias de Spiegel: Nuestra experiencia y revisión de la literatura

To date Spanish reports on this pathology are short series of cases, being the largest one published by Moreno-Egea et al in with 27 patients 5. Symptoms can vary and mostly are unspecific so that a delayed diagnosis is frequent. In these cases the hernia sac penetrates the external oblique aponeurosis and lie below the subcutaneous fat making easy during physical examination to feel epigastdica bulge.

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Carter JE, Mizes C.

Diagnosis of Spigelian hernia is basically clinic. We present our series of patients with Spigelian hernia and a literature review.

It occurs because of a weak area of spiegelian fascia which is localized between the semilunar line and the lateral edge of the anterior rectus muscle. Arch Surg ; Left side was the most frequent location.

A delay in the diagnosis leads to a high rate of complications and the need of emergency surgery in many cases 3. Diagnosis and treatment of Spigelian hernia.

Mesh-free laparoscopic spigelian hernia repair. Epigasrtica Esp ; Ann Surg ; 6: Generally speaking, laparoscopic approach results in less infection rate, quicker incorporation to activities of daily living, less postoperative pain and specially avoids opening the external oblique aponeurosis and therefore a risk reduction hegnia recurrence 1.

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Rev Esp Enf Ap Digest ; In those cases of diagnostic doubt is advisable to perform a sonography or tomography 13, Rev Cubana Cir ; 44 4. Personal experience and review of the literature.

Surgical technique depends on patient characteristics, type of hernia and surgeon experience. Vos D, Scheltinga M.


Personal experience and review of the literature Hernias de Spiegel. When the hernia sac contents the bowel the patient can present with nausea, vomiting or altered bowel rhythm. Evaluation of spigelian hernia by CT.

Minerva Chir ; After that laparoscopic approach has been widely described in literature. In two patients a bowel resection was needed because of incarceration although the hernia sac content found was usually preperitoneal fat or omentum. The Spigelian hernia SH takes its name from the French anatomist Adriaan van Spieghel, who described the semilunar line for the first time in Modality of laparoscopic treatment is still on discussion.

Laparoscopic diagnosis and repair of spigelian hernia: Incidence and outcome of surgical repair of spigelian hernia. A review of quiruggica and our experience.