That’s why we rely on the Hoshin Kanri Planning process. It takes The Hoshin Planning Matrix, or X matrix, captures the objectives and cascading priorities. Many organizations utilizing a formal Strategy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri methodology make use of what’s called an “X-Matrix” to develop. X-matrix Hoshin Kanri (sometimes called “strategy deployment”) is an approach that helps companies achieve breakthrough goals over a.

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Everything we do is grounded in proven, research-based methodologies designed to ensure a highly collaborative experience that results in extraordinary, sustainable results. After your long-term goals are all set, prepare the most important objectives that you aim to achieve in a shorter time frame e.

The Seven Steps of Hoshin Planning

The four quadrants of growth. Anatomy of the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix 1. To mark the dependencies between hosgin quadrants in your Hoshin Kanri X matrix, you need to place an appropriate figure in the squares on the intersections between each quadrant in the corners of the diagram. The Hoshin Planning Matrixor X matrix, captures the objectives and cascading priorities.

How to cite this article: A simple way to calculate the overall number of tasks that hoshln team will have to complete is to break down magrix initiative into an actual plan for execution to the smallest possible task before listing the next long-term plan in the matrix. Back to Previous Article. Note that individuals are named and assigned to achieve the specific improvements.

For example, you can list a primary and a secondary way of correlation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and kamri more about our lean methodologies and consulting services.


At the Lean Methods Group, we know that how you execute your strategy is influenced by how you develop it. It is a X-shaped matrix diagram linking the aspects mentioned above.

What is Hoshin Kanri X Matrix?

The Hoshin Kanri Table would look like the following image:. List them at the bottom quadrant of the matrix and have in mind that every initiative will have a great number of smaller tasks that mztrix team will have to process before achieving the goal. I consent to having Lean Methods Group collect my name, email, and phone.

Get connected Subscribe for Newletter Now. In this article you can also download a free editable Hoshin Kanri Matrix template. Add a link to this page on your website: Together you can agree on the most crucial metrics that you need to improve and list them on the diagram without risking drops of morale from people whose work is not considered vital to the successful execution of the project. Please enter your comment! You can apply all sorts of geometrical figures but remember that the matrix needs to remain transparent and every person should understand the information inside in a single glance.

Note how this is the starting point of the table. Once identified, the company plans to contract with 2 of the sales agencies. Then, we identify a few short-term usually within 1 year objectives that align or nests under each of the longer-term breakthrough objectives.

It is also known as Policy Deployment PD document. Hoshin Kanri Matrix template Visualize the actions between your strategic plans and the goals with the Hoshin Kanri Matrix template, useful for both managers and employees. Portfolio Kanban allows you to break down large projects into smaller initiatives on multiple levels and link them to each other so you can have absolute transparency of what needs to be done and how your affairs are progressing.


The most popular way of implementing Hoshin Kanri is applying the X matrix. To hoshun one from another, use different figures for visualizing them circles, triangles, squares, etc. The interaction between sections will lead to better decision making. In Lean management hoahin, the goal of applying the X matrix is to align the long-term needs with strategic initiatives, identify the most important activities along the way and list the metrics that you need to improve.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Note that these examples are sanitized and do not represent any specific hoshkn or organization. Great for introductory or awareness training. We use the seven-step Hoshin Planning process in combination with business development and innovation tools. Great article and video. Your rating is more than welcome or share this article via Social media! X-matrix is created in the beginning of the financial year and updated every month. How successful is the organization in meeting the action plan deliverables?

You can easily do that by implementing the Portfolio Kanban methodwhich is another powerful Lean method that ianri Hoshin Kanri.

The value of this approach is that everyone is aware of the overall strategic objectives, goals, and assignments.