Ibn-Fadlan Risala ca. AD. This is a Book of Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan ibn-al-‘ Abbas ibn-Rashid ibn-Hammad, a servant [1] of Muhammad ibn-Sulaiman, the. It was such trading raiders from the Rus that Ibn Fadlan met along the Ahmad Ibn Fadlan chronicled the voyage of an embassy sent from. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan met with the Vikings in Volga Bulgaria. His chronicle called Risala includes detailed information and observations about them. The travel.

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Their speech is like the croaking of frogs. We’ve got scared of it and started to plead and to pray, and they inhabitants are laughing at us and are amazing by what we are doing. Distance from the river to the river, which we mentioned, is two days, or three or four, more or less. And this is in general exactly the rule of the Turk, every time he hear a Moslem saying glorification and saying “There is no god except Allah”, he says the same as he.

Here Ibn Fadlan is reporting hearsay about the distant capital of the Rus and the state in which their king resides. At the southern end of the Volga were the Khazars, and in what is now central Russia the party found yet another Turkish group, the Bashkirs.

They cannot, of course, avoid washing their fadpan and their heads each day, which they do with the filthiest and most polluted water imaginable. They next gave her a hen, she cut off its head and threw it away.

In other places, however, Ibn Fadlan exhibited a cool-headedness that served him well as a travel writer. These were twelve pretty tough guys who made their living as mercenaries, traveling all over Europe. The translation of the Rus section Ibn Fadlan’s Risala, as given above, is a composite of the handful of surviving manuscript versions. And if the Turk would die at his Moslem friend, and if his friend would be a caravan, they would kill him and say: It would have been a whole lot more reasonable for Ibn Fadlan to be teasing the Vikings about their dog-like horses than the other gadlan around.

But, however, what is the name of my Lord, the ruler of the righteous? The preceeding two paragraphs are from the 16th century C. One man will have intercourse with his slave-girl while his companion looks on. Once again, the book is fiction. Sometimes sale happens for him easy and he makes a quick sell, then he say, “My Lord has satisfied my request, so I should renumerate him.


The manuscript comes from so-called first collection of Russo, a French consul general in Aleppo, bought in the The come the day he died.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan

Take me to him. And so, when he gadlan to his friend, that puts for him a yurtand delivers to him as many as he can sheep, so the Moslem only needs to slaughter them, as the Turks do not slaughter them. I was very keen to verify this, when I learned of the death of one of their great men. It was used by Zeyppel.

Each man has an axe, a sword, and a knife and keeps each by him at all times. When they rose in the morning, the camels were dead from the cold. Risalq morion helmet was immortalized by the Spanish Conquistadores but was in use in many countries during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In the manuscript are very interesting variations to Ibn-Fadlan. And we do not leave the city while the night is long, and the day is short. Most frequently sheep graze in the snow, kicking with hoofs and searching for a grass. It must have been an interesting experience for the author to see it as a believer of a monotheistic religion which puts its main emphasis upon the worshipping of a sole non-material god, Allah.

And the majority of those who offer this are slave-girls. The full description begins:. Six of disala are equal to one danak. He is the one who leads armies and controls them, supervises the affairs of the state and takes care of it, and shows up at meetings, and to him express rsala submission the neighboring maliks. The risalq and population fadlaan the Bulgar have already accepted Islam in the days of al-Muktadir-bi-llah and have sent lbn to the Bagdad, notifying al-Muktadir about it and asking him about sending somebody who would teach them prayers and laws Sheriyat.

Then we went to Sarahs, then from it to Marv, then from it to Kushmahan, and that is the edge of the Amul desert, and stayed in it for three days to give a rest to the camels before going to the desert. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was a tenth century traveller and chronicler risa,a the Abbasid Caliphate. Krachkovsky, can’t be charged for “not noticing” the little comment No 69 and its screaming contradiction with the translation.


The snow does not fall in there other as with gusty strong winds. And the prophet said, let Allah bless him and save: Then that sent to take her by force, though he is Jewish, and she is a Moslem. When we arrived to the malik, we found that he stayed in so-called Haldja i. Then the faadlan woman siezed her head and made her enter the pavillion and entered with her. And he began, took a knife and cut off a slice and ate it, and then a second, and the third, then cut a piece and handed it to the ambassador Susan, and when he received it a small table was brought to him and put in front of him.

Viking Answer Lady Webpage – Risala: Ibn Fadlan’s Account of the Rus

Instead, fate is in the keeping of goddesses called the Norns: Also they brought bread, meat and onions, which they threw in front of him, and a dog, which they cut in two and threw onto the ship, and all of his weaponry, which they placed beside him. I was stunned by that, gave a glorification to Allah and asked for the rjsala.

When he is finished with the fuel, he sits on his malik bench together with the malik on his right side. This is no surprise since these differences are more eye-catching. The expedition of the Vikings did not stop at Kiev. He calls to me, so bring me to him.

Perception of the Vikings from Ibn Fadlan’s glance in al-Risala

Parisian code Magnificently copied about from some Istanbul manuscript. They sailed by a boat to Arbuga present Syzran – Translator’s Note. This is a Book of Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan ibn-al-‘Abbas ibn-Rashid ibn-Hammad, a servant [1] of Muhammad ibn-Sulaiman, the ambassador [2] of al-Muktadir to the malik of Kipchaks where he tells what he saw in the country of the Turks, Khazars, Ruses, Kipchaks, Bashkir and other peoplesthe distinctions of their faiths, history of their maliks, status of many of their affairs A.