Introduction. (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std P, DraftStandard for a Common Mezza- The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus orother local buses as they are developed in the . Relationship Between VME, VME64 and VMEbus. .. Other Host PCB Mechanics. Compatibility – IEEE P PMC module which complies to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision Provides one multifunction interrupt. 5V signaling. Created for compact PCI Mezzanine Card site rack-based system designs, the read-writer’s form factor (PMC) conforms to the PMC IEEE P/Draft

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The second CMC position is not mapped due to limited pins available on P2.

PCI Bus, PC CardBus, PCMCIA, Reader Writer, Mezzanine PMC

The host is to provide one or more slot opening s into which the mezzanine card s are plugged. Depending on the host’s application, either or both may be used. If a host computer does not use all of the connectors, this space is open to be utilized by additional components.

The depth of CMCs is mm. If the mezzanine card’s sraft bus operates on the 3. Note that two different length voltage keying pins are defined, one for 10 mm spacing and one for 13 mm spacing. Iere Table for this relationship. This is the P The size of these holes depends on how the standoffs are permanently attached to the CMC during assembly. The values in the table are taken relative to the signal levels presented on the bussed signals. The requirements include the following categories and all associated sections and subcategories:.

The second critical dimension is the horizontal center line dimension, where the center of the front panel opening shall be centered with the CMC connector group. Host computer designers can then design for the worst case in both power draw as well as removal of heat generated by the mezzanine card.

  ASTM D4976 PDF

The host is to provide the keys. Comments on standards and requests for interpretations should be addressed to: The angular mis-alignment of any connector shall not exceed 1.

The Multibus I mechanics shall be per Figures and PCI bus local interface. For host computers that do place components, other than connectors in the connector area, these components shall not exceed a height ieed 1.

Since the mezzanine card side 1 faces the host side 1, the power dissipated underneath the mezzanine card should be limited to prevent excessive heat build up in the area between the two. The host mezzanine card slot mechanics are defined in the next chapter.

The two voltage are 5V and 3. Each CMC shall be designed to accommodate a bezel. In event a different stacking height of 10 or 13 mm is used, the shoulder and host receptacle connector heights shall all be increased by the same height. The bezel always maintains the same relationship with the host’s side 1 surface and host front panel face plate.

Each CMC card will receive these signals and use the information to both set the logical protocol it uses on the bus and indicate back to the host module its presence if it can support that logical protocol. For hosts that support the 10 mm stacking height between the host and the mezzanine card, the 5.

In some applications, it may be necessary to use taller or shorter components on a CMC. Table lists the maximum power consumption and ieeee for each of the mezzanine card sizes. As stated in section 4. PCB warpage during the manufacturing process shall be included for calculating and measuring maximum component heights so as not to protrude through this envelope.


“4-Channel High-Speed Serial I/O PMC Adapter”

All CMC slots shall receive these signals as input only signals. TP is defined as some point on a mezzanine card’s PCB, near the connector sthat is used by the assembly equipment for the reference positioning of the connector s prior to soldering. Note that Multibus I boards do not have front panels. The first critical dimension is the distance between rear connectors 0. The host slot opening provides mechanical support as well as EMI shielding.

Defined as some point on a card’s PCB, that is used by the assembly equipment for the reference positioning of a set of components. CMC boards should meet class B emissions and a minimum of performance criteria B for immunity. The size and shape of desktop computers, portable computers, servers and other similar types of computers varies considerably, depending on specific target markets and associated needs.

Care should be taken when installing the boards in systems that have extreme solder-side component heights or in system chassis that do not allow clearances specified in the PICMG or IEEE standards. A single mechanical definition builds larger markets with many more unique functions being provided for the multitude of user applications, and at a lower price.

Other stacking heights can be used as well, as long as all the associated connector and shoulders are increased by the same height. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Copyright c IEEE. Transportation and Storage Humidity.