The Paperback of the Wide Open: A Life in Supercross by Jeremy McGrath at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. In this gossipy, spiteful memoir, champion Supercross motorcycle racer McGrath wastes no opportunity to settle scores and gloat over vanquished enemies. Ever since Jeremy was born his dad had at least one motorcycle in the garage. He got a big wheel when he was two for Christmas. By the time.

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I would highly recommend this jerfmy to people looking for a great biography, although motocross may be a not so well known sport but it has a great story about a guy coming from a bmx background and dom This book is one of my all jsremy favorites, I have always looked up to Jeremy Jfremy as an idol. I also like how this book is in his perspective, so it gives the reader a real life like experience most of the time.

I got I have very little interest in Supercross, and only picked up this book because it fit into one of the categories of required books for a class that I mcvrath taking. Jeremy McGrath was a professional motocross and supercross racer. Setting The setting in this meremy takes place all over. The main part of this book takes place on the race track. There are a lot of skilled riders that already beat and went over his record.

After always riding and having fun with his friends in moto So at about age 10, Jeremy was consistantly riding at many motorcross events with all of his friends, and was trying to find a way to become better and eventually get sponsored like most of his friends were. The reason why is because it is huge and he has his own Supercross track there. Also when Jerry talks about all of these things, he is very open and honest about both the ppen and bad experiences he had in his career.


After that he talks about his amature motocross career and then his amature supercross career. I feel like i know what his personality would be like out in public.

Wide Open: A Life in Supercross

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I absolutely loved this book so much!

In Jeremy decided to come out of retirement for a limited number of races on the Monster Energy Supercross Circuit. The tracks are sporadic over in Wisconsin. I would definitely read this book again over any other book.

Jeremy McGrath Bio

Published January 4th by It Books first published January 1st Nov 03, Maxx Jedemy rated it really liked it. The age group I would recommend this to, would be teenagers and up. I also think that probably because I really like dirt bikes and Jeremy McGrath, The guy who wrote the book about himself.

I loved this book and I will probably read this book more than mccgrath time. He told you mostly about his career and not as much of who he was a person. Jack got Jeremy his first dirt bike. He cased the triple and landed really hard. Most of the book takes place in California. Most of racetracks are indoors also.


To be honest it wasn’t the best book i ever read, but it was far from the worst! I have followed his career for as long as I can remember and was excited to see what he wude had to say about his life and career. This was the best biography I’ve ever read but probably the best book I’ve ever read. Jeremy McGrath is one of my big ideals. There we not any boring parts I can think of.

Wide Open: A Life in Supercross by Jeremy McGrath

It teaches you how to handle the money, whether it be the very little income of a privateer or the millions of a signed professional. I would recommend this to any gender also.

Aug 16, Steven added it. Return to Book Page. May 11, Levi Johns added it. Theme One theme in this book that I saw a lot of and stuck out to me was passion.

I wish that he would have told you more about his personal life though. It was a very rough road for success for Jermey but, biggest problem was money and Jeff Emig. Jeremy was a horrible rider at first but as time went on he got better.

He is a very inspirational oprn.

I have very little interest in Supercross but I loved this book.