The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a food and medicine. In some areas the plant is not removed when found growing as a weed in cultivated. Dianthera flava Vahl: 5 (). Dianthera americana var. flava (Vahl) Forssk.: 9 ( ). Adhatoda flava (Vahl) Nees (). A. fasciata Nees: (). Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl [family ACANTHACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource.

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Justicia flava is pollinated by insects and attracts various species of butterflies. The insects attracts insectivorous birds and therefore add more life in uusticia garden. Click here to register.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Justicia flava

Sabonet, Pretoria and Gaborone Page The bitter root is chewed by the Masai to cure diarrhoea and coughs. The leaves are lanceolate or broadly ovate egg-shapedopposite, simple, entire, and the leaf stalk is about mm long.

Justicia flava Other species, cultivated in The inflorescence is said to be a cure for dysentery.

Journal of Natural Products Lloydia The seeds should be planted in a mixture of good soil, compost and river sand. The seed capsules of Justicia flava burst open when ripe. Sandy, Clay, Loam Flowering season: Justicia flava is a ground cover which produces yellow flowers from September to May and is a good investment for a sunny spot in the garden. The flowers of Justicia flava are much visited by bees and other insects.


An infusion of the plant is taken with egg albumen and coconut juice against palpitations of justicja heart and leaf sap is used as an eye lotion. It is a wonderful ground cover to use in sunny spots in the garden.

The composition of fresh Justicia leaves per g edible portion is: Its taxonomy is badly known and opinions differ about its delimitation because differences between related genera are hardly distinctive. Medicinal plants of East Africa. Justicia flava is classified in the section Tyloglossacharacterized by spike-like inflorescences and ammonite-like or rugose seeds, and by its pollen type. The cuttings should be mm long and treated with a growing hormone such as Seridex no. Pages – Flora of West Tropical Africa.

Four sterols and salicylic acid were isolated from the leaves, stems and roots of Justicia flava. Flora of tropical Africa. To prevent the seeds fava being lost, they should be collected as soon as the seed capsules turn brown. Justicia flava Justicia flava – Momella; Tanzania Justicia flava Vahl Vahl Family: Lignans from Justicia flava.


Wild Flowers of Northern South Africa. Justicia flava Justicia californica x 66 – 4k – thb www. Notes on the types of some names of Arabian Acanthaceae in the Forsskal herbarium.

Justicia flava | Plantz Africa

Justicia flava Justicia flava is a groundcover Introduction Justicia flava is a ground cover which produces yellow flowers from September to May and is a good investment for a sunny justciia in the garden. Flowers in terminal spikes, yellow, held in overlapping green bracts covered in long spreading hairs. Seeds compressed globose, brown to black.

Justicia flava Justicia adhatoda L. Rate this plant Is this an interesting plant? Notes on Restio subverticellatus.

Justicia flava

Common names include water-willow and shrimp plant, the latter name is derived from the inflorescence, which resembles a shrimp in some species. Justicia flava is a perennial herb or shrublet, growing up to mm high. Justicia flava Justicia flava 75 x 75 – 3k – jpg www.

Superficially similar to Justicia kirkiana but, apart from justcia a perennial herb with a more branched, shrubby habit, the leaves are broader ovate, particularly below, and much less hairy.