K2 Smartforms is a flexible and powerful forms creation platform, where you THis is not the official documentation for “best practices” from K2. Although some of the planned features in (comments at last!) go some way to addressing this, following best practice will allows for a. This guide goes through some best practices for developing K2 be found here ‘ C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Bin\SmartObject Service.

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Lines Rules must have a label that is prefixed with LR and then what the rule is checking for. Failure to properly plan how to implement a solution can result prctices downstream effects of either poor re-usability or maintainability. This is basic knowledge for project management, but too many times have I seen projects fail because of this with or without K2.

Before you start your implementation Plan for reusability Naming conventions Where should I build my rules? A solid application means happy stakeholders, even if it means they blackpearp to wait a while longer. After the service object method is collected. I’m a geeky girl who loves technology in all shapes and sizes. You actually exceeded our desires.

A clean UI is one of the first things that will draw people to use your application. And so some developers prefer to put all blacckpearl rules into their forms. Using this application allows you then to test your SmartObject to see if it is working correctly. If you have a number of stored procedures that interact with same table, then same SmartObject can be used with the additional methods and properties added.

This is especially helpful bestt larger workflows.

K2 Smartforms: best practices – How2 K2

If you have strict requirements to load complex forms in a span of 3 seconds for example, you may want to rethink about your decision to use SmartForms.


Both parties the developer and stakeholders alike should acknowledge that a tighter timeline will have higher risk for poorer quality. The only difference o2 that instead of.

Get the requirements Beginning development without a clear vision on the requirements can have a significant impact on the quality of work done.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Create an Image Library A clean UI is one of the first things that will draw people to use your application. Importance of Drag-and-drop designer Is the deployment of the forms time-critical?

You k22 setup the control in exactly the same way as you would practiced drop down list. Planning SmartObjects and Views smartly can vastly reduce your development time because of reusability. The outcome lines should also be coloured to represent what they are doing and to also help visually navigate what the workflow is doing.

The name of the SmartObject like the rest of the K2 artefacts should carry the same naming convention. In this post you will learn: The size is only a guide and common sense must still blcakpearl used for controls apart from the label control. When to use a drop down list or a picker control.

From here we can now test the methods of the SmartObject. Header bars Remove the background color and move on top of tabs. These have to be handled with care, since changes may affect existing applications.

Best Practice for developing K2 Apps – GreenEggs on K2

I wonder how so much effort you place to create this kind of fantastic informative website. The Image URL is then saved into the environment variables, where developers can use it across different K2 applications.

Parameters can be used for Views and Forms to make them dynamic. Create an unbound rule to either save or update the data depending on if the parameter id is populated like in step 9. Tips on K2 Environment Variables H.


Best Practice for developing K2 Apps

Create Environment Variables Environment variables could be useful in 2 ways: First and foremost, set a realistic timeline that allocates enough time for technical design — so that your blueprint is properly planned before you actually start building. Reducing the load with editable list views. Strictness of performance load time One reality we have to face: Notify me of new comments via email. But if properly implemented and documented, this will create consistent development standards that will be consistent across your organization.

This will allow for speedier loading times and also allows the user to search for the specific data in an easier fashion. Tips on K2 Environment Variables. If you have stable requirements, you can start to properly plan your data model and plan your reusable SmartObjects, UI flow, and reusable Views.

This gives your project a solid foundation. So you once the service object method has been selected and the properties created and bound to the service object. K2 Smartforms is a flexible and powerful forms creation platform, where you can create your UI, and configure rules and integration using drag and drop.

This duplicates the rules in every state. There are pros and cons for putting rules within views. Are there complex Blacopearl requirements that are not out-of-the-box in K2 Smartforms? Before you start your implementation: If your rule is specific only to the current form, and the view is reusable across different forms. Some common requirements that are not out of the box in K2: