Ah, batteries. They always die sooner than you think, right? Not this one! Called Karpen’s Pile, this battery has been working uninterrupted. Anyone not familiar with “Karpen’s Pile” might want to do a quick search before reading the rest of this, you just need to spend 30 seconds. Directory:Karpen’s Pile — A Battery That Has Produced Energy Continuously Since s. Lasted edited by Andrew Munsey, updated on June 15, at

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Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in Romanian Museum

Karpen’s battery had been exhibited in several scientific conferences in Paris, Bucharest and Bologna, Italy, where its construction had been explained widely. Shadur 2, 1 18 For almost two decades I have toyed with the idea of finding a way to harvest more useful energy from just molecular movement; basically turning heat into electricity.

They had mentioned that “unlike the lessons they teach you in the 7th grade physics class, the ‘Karpen’s Pile’ has one of its electrodes made of gold, the other of platinum, and the electrolyte the liquid that the two electrodes are immersed inis high-purity sulfuric acid. The purpose of the motor and the blades was to show that the piles actually generate electricity, but they’re not needed anymore, since current technology allows us to measure all the parameters and outline all of them in a more proper way.

Just as most of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when pil planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York City in The following is a list of forums elsewhere on the web that have threads on this topic. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat Silver Polymer Batteries Directory: I was just in Athens, and they’re on top of every building.


Moreover, it appears many of the people incessantly proclaiming how anti-N To be fair, even perfectly friendly antimatter wildebeests are pretty deadly. Home – About – Contact – Archive.

These 13 Families Rule the World: It’s also worth observing that the article by Ovidiu Sandru, a partial copy of which forms much of Wikipedia’s article right now, goes on to say, in the part not quoted in Wikipedia, that “[s]ome scientists say the device works by transforming thermal energy into mechanical work”, but the museum director disagrees with them.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Know this, when I was 12 years old I wondered if laser could be used to make an electrical discharge follow a certain path through air. The problem is that by claiming that 1 it can’t be reproduced because they don’t know what went in it and 2 they can’t even put it on display because they don’t have the money to protect it from thieves hint hintthey make it impossible to conclusively disprove.

Gold leaf is really cheap, and gold-plated things are also really cheap around here, you typically get a gold-plated connector any time you buy audio equipment. Others say it doesn’t, being merely a generalization to the law, and an application of zero point energy. Look up the Peltier-Seebeck effect. As time passed, the fact that the battery doesn’t stop producing energy is more and more clear, giving birth to the legend of a perpetual motion machine. It’s not a particle or a wave.

I kwrpen absolute sure that there are many inventions of great genius, and they never made it any further then the room of the inventor Anyone not familiar with “Karpen’s Pile” might want to do a quick search before reading the rest of this, you just need to spend 30 seconds reading to get the basic idea.


Karpen’s Pile: Producing Energy Continuously Since – Sepp Hasslberger

Figures 1, 2, and 3 indicate the various shapes of performing of the pile, object of the invention. In fact after reading this you might even think I’m a bit dense.

Attach other lead of voltmeter to platinum. Not only can you tell things from things, you can recognize when a thing is a thing. It’s all physics and stamp collecting. Beware taking as factual encyclopaedia articles created by people who cannot write.

A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in a Romanian Museum — Karpen’s Pile

It has been kept in kafpen museum in Romania for all these years, waiting to be finally understood. Evert Dynamic Ether Merlib Res. Someone else tried to tidy up the resultant mess.

Walking is associated with a greater than 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular death in people over the age of 65, says a new study.

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen – Wikipedia

The scientists can’t explain how the contraption, patented inworks. A battery designed in by Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen, There was an error working with the kkarpen It has been called “the uniform-temperature thermoelectric jarpen and the first prototype has been built in the s. This would rule out the possibility that the dissimilar metal electrodes or some other part of the circuit is rectifying alternating electromagnetic waves like a radio detector.

Had never heard of the Oxford Bell.