You will find the contact details for KLAW Products Ltd. More information. Marine Breakaway Couplings protecting assets, personnel and the. KLAW Industrial Breakaway Couplings are suitable for 99% of all liquids and.

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Permian producers become “victims of their own success” An Internet of things turns to the right What industry leaders expect for What’s new in exploration New products and services.

Hygienic Fittings Bitumen Hose Fittings Klsw — Our range of high quality flanges are available in carbon or stainless steel materials. Marine Environment KLAW designs and manufactures a range of systems designed to improve safety and efficiency during the transfer of media in the marine environment.

KLAW Couplings | Couplings | Online Store | Pacific Hoseflex

The Arctic November Centralizer sub optimizes cementing performance November A foupling of end connections are available including NPT and BSP threaded, flange connections, and hammer union fittings. Klaw products are designed for Industrial, Marine and Cryogenic applications. Magazine December Free Trial Subscribe. We are the Australian distributor of Bernecker products. KLAW Easy Reset Facility is also breeakaway as standard on the Marine2, which means the coupling can be serviced or reset after activation within the line — again reducing downtime and stress on the hose due to the reduced need for additional handling.

So, if you have a highly corrosive medium or hygienic application, PTFE expansion joints are the product for you.

Fittings Hydraulic Fittings Industrial Fittings — We specialise in the design and manufacturing in stainless steel hose fittings. Breakaway Couplings have breakstuds that hold the two halves of the coupling together. Typical systems include Bunkering, Refuelling, Railcar, Road Tanker and Loading Arm systems involved in the transfer of cryogenic industrial gas beakaway.


For more information on our flex hose covers and their range of applications, contact us today.

The coupling is designed to activate in an emergency, such as vessel drift in stormy conditions or pressure surge. Automotive Fittings Piping Systems PTFE Lined Pipes — PTFE lined pipes are commonly used in many industrial applications such as transferring chemicals, substances in refineries, pesticides, petrochemicals, steel materials, food and beverages, alcohols, acids, pharmaceuticals, circuit breakers, fertilisers and mineral extracts from desalination.

KLAW Couplings

The shorter design reduces coil disruption on the hose reel; unlike alternative designs that are longer and, therefore, increase hose stress and fatigue. Fabric Expansion Joints Pipe Supports — Our range of pipe support products incorporate a wide variety of standard pipe fixings designed as modular systems — for example: Industrial gases including LNG The KLAW industrial range offers a safe and identifiable parting point within the transfer system and will close down flow in an emergency such as a drive-off or other strain on the transfer system.

These systems enable you to minimise risk to assets, personnel, the environment and reputation. Like its KLAW predecessor, the Marine2 is designed to resist those bending moments and torsional forces expected from floating wave motions and the rigors of the marine environment and reacts only to those axial forces that occur in an emergency.

Wednesday 2nd January QLD: Each type is carefully considered during specification couplong ensure the system is correct for the application. Contact us for more information today. Choosing KLAW means you have taken the right precautions in delivering a safe and reliable product transfer system.


KLAW launches new marine breakaway coupling

We have rubber hosing designed to transfer air, water, chemicals, food and beverages and gas. We offer assembly services to fit your custom specifications — simply contact us. A range of liners are also available: Klaw Marine Couplings are suitable for all transfer applications where protection must be fitted between two sections of flexible hose.

We also klzw custom fittings — run on our CNC lathes — simply contact us. Demand for more wells, more footage with fewer rigs drives drill bit design December ShaleTech: Our industrial fitting range includes: Ducting — Our flexible ducting is suitable for applications with limited spaces.

The Coupling then activates when subjected to forces higher than the breakload setting.

We also have solutions for vibration and misalignment. The KLAW marine breakaway coupling provides a safe parting klw within the hose transfer system in ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and vessel to offshore platform transfers. Subsea infrastructure growing and moving deeper November Regional report: When activated, the valves within the coupling shut both upstream and downstream flow within the hose transfer system and allows immediate separation of the line.

Meeting the demands of modern industry: Klaq Hoses — We offer high quality composite hoses including: