: Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: ―Vol. I, Books (): John Knoblock: Books. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books John Knoblock Human Nature and Virtue in Mencius and Xunzi: An Aristotelian. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works,. Volume 1: nese writers , Knoblock says that the importance of Hsun Tzu in Chinese philosophy is.

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Coming at the end of the great flowering of knohlock inquiry in Warring States China, when the foundations for traditional Chinese thought were laid, Xunzi occupies a place analogous to that of Aristotle in the West.

Baumrin – – Metaphilosophy 17 4: I finally realized that for anyone to be a self-cultivated person they must treat others in a Mengzian fashion – Xunzi just won’t work with personal relationships.

Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books 1-6

Dubs in the translation and companion study he published over sixty years ago. In making his translation an occasion for a wide-ranging overview of Xunzi’s philo- sophical contributions, Knoblock follows the path of H. Sorlasair rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Human Nature and Virtue in Mencius and Xunzi: Anat marked it as to-read Mar 20, The issue of Xunzi’s birth date is an important one-the extremes of fifteen and fifty locate Xunzi in different generations of thinkers-and it is by no means resolved.

Essays, Articles, Reviews 12 One instance where departures from literal renderings may have been less productive is important enough to be worth noting, although it exemplifies a problem Knoblock is generally successful in avoiding.

The collection of works bearing his name contains not only the most systematic philosophical exposition by any early Confucian thinker, but also account of virtually every aspect of the intellectual, cultural, and social life of his time.

Matt marked it as to-read Apr 02, Help Center Find new research papers in: Xunzi is a collection of political writings by the late Warring States period educator and philosopher Xunzi or Xun Kuang.

Xunzi (Chinese English Edition: 2 Volumes) by John Knoblock

The general introduction recounts the biography of Xunzi, his later influence, the intellectual world in which he lived, and the basic terms that the ancient Chinese used to conceptualize nature and society. The annotations which accompany the text, both in the notes and in the intro- ductions preceding translated chapters, reflect deep immersion in knoblovk commentary tradition of the Xunzi.


For example, one of the most basic mnoblock in Xunzi studies is the date of Xunzi’s birth, an issue which pivots on a textual variation in early sources, which variously report Xunzi’s arrival in the state of Qi as occurring in his fifteenth or fiftieth year neither option is entirely satisfactory xunzzi constructing a reasonable chronology. Other books in the series.

The translation is accompanied by substantial explanatory material identifying technical terms, persons, and events; detailed introductions to each book; and extensive annotation, with characters when desirable, indicating the basis of the translations. Somewhat under half of this first volume is devoted to translation of the text itself.

The English translation of this edition is the first complete English translation of Xunzi. Anyone who has waded through the references to these in Wang Xianqian’s commentary will welcome Knoblock’s work with gratitude. The text which bears his name is in many ways the apex of early Confucian thought, and without its virtuoso defense of the Confucian faith at a time when knoblockk philosophies of naturalism and legalism were in rapid ascendance, it seems unlikely that Confucianism could have survived as a major school of thought.

Robert Eno Chinese Literature: Despite the bewildering elaboration in this case, Knoblock’s urge for complete philosophical accuracy leads him elsewhere towards sensitive textual flexibility, as in one case where he rearranges passages so as to allow the text to speak more clearly, carefully noting what he has done p. Loeb and David F. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The book is composed of 32 “books” or mnoblock covering philosophy, ethics, politics, military affairs, education, etc.

However, many of its brief discussions of key issues and knoblck are so elegantly nuanced that they will be of value to sinologists as well. There have been two previous partial translations of the Xunzi in English: Only the second, Xunzi, earned his exalted stature on the merits of philosophical brilliance alone.

This is easy to recall in the case of less scholarly translations, but Knoblock’s rendering is of such high quality that it will be difficult for readers to recognize that it is the product of Knoblock’s informed view of the text rather than the text itself-other views could highlight different themes, see different linkages, and produce renderings very different. Jarrod Lindenmuth rated it really liked it Jun 11, The present volume consists of a general introduction and Booksdealing with self-cultivation, learning, and education.


Schrift and Duncan Large. Kurtis Hagen – – Dao: Knoblock’s basic approach links him to the practices of Qing scholarship, and a sizable percentage of his philological references are drawn from Wang Xianqian’s collected commentary edition of Of Honor and Disgrace. In this book Xunzi critically summarized the academic thinking of the naive materialism of ancient China and was against the belief. This is in sharp contrast to Knoblock’s procedures in textual annotation, where he is generally at pains to indicate areas of controversy and defend his own choices.

This is not to say that Knoblock’s ideas are not valid or that his scholarship is not broad; in fact, it may be that the very detail of Knoblock’s familiarity with early historical sources has led him to be so inclusive in his acceptance of evidence.

A Translation and Study of the Complete Works. The biographical section attempts to elaborate the spare accounts of Xunzi’s life which we possess into ,noblock full intellectual biography by exploring how Xunzi’s wandering life brought him into contact with the major philosophical thinkers and political actors of his day. Rosie added it Jun 15, Request removal from index.

It is perfectly reasonable to settle on the figure of fifteen as the best option This content downloaded from A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 5 2: The last must be acknowledged as the master of pragmatic adaptation, ,noblock the doctrines of his school to respond to the new imperial age. Nivison and the “Problem” in Xunzi’s Ethics. Comparing the two makes it clear that Western schol- arship has progressed far.

Knoblock’s translation is based on sounder scholarship than either of these, and his interpretations are far xunzzi reliable.