La última pregunta [The Last Question] (Unabridged) – Isaac Asimov 【 AudioLibros VER precio en itunes VER precio en Amazon. Aug 26, Lista de libros La última pregunta (The last Question), relato de Isaac Asimov sobre el fin, la existencia y la creación del universo. Book cover. La última pregunta, una obra maestra de la ciencia ficción, es, tal y como afirmó su autor Isaac Asimov, La última pregunta [The Last Question] (Unabridged).

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Es simple, corto pero profundo a la vez. I would have given the story 4 stars if there had been less redundancies within.

The Last Question — Isaac Asimov

Este tipo de lectura me plantea asimoov preguntas y ganas de conversar. Perhaps future technology will enable us to seek out the safety of distant stars and habitat new planets, but then eventually those stars will die too.

A review of this tale will not make sense for three reasons: The story also mocks the co-existence of creationism and evolution carving a possible future That’s right.

Jan 14, Sindhuja rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 5 comments. Meaning a sand castle could coincidently form by the winds blowing dust randomly Hypes do not serve the cause of this piece of questionn. That’s one possible bunch of inferences that you can make from this sci-fi, all of them being equally scary and containing some bitter truths in varying forms.

The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

Thanks for telling osaac about the problem. I feel like my life has changed in the space of half an hour If you want to read a book that asks the questions: Okay, well we can work with that. It helps to have mystical and transhumanisim backgrounds to understand the story. Yes, our universe is a closed system, and yes that does mean it will die.


May 30, Manny rated it really liked it.

So I don’t think it’s sad, it’s just the natural state of affairs that we will grow old, live our lives fighting issaac, and we will die. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It’s a tea-time read.

The Last Question

Apr 05, Adrian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Can entropy ever be reversed? Un sumamente interesante relato sobre el hombre, la maquina, la mente, el universo y la entropia. Ltia Preview See a Problem? Here’s what Wikipedia has on the subject: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Fourth story, humans got rid of their bodies and are Minds. Published November by Ziggurat Productions first published November That said, I can give you this: It won’t because the statistical likelihood of the wind and molecules to just happen to be in the right position and velocity for this ltimw castle to just appear is so slim, I do not have enough memory in my computer to type out all the zeros I need to put behind the odds of it happening 1 in 1,,, Preguunta solo las de la direccion opuesta al big bang?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What’s the point in giving you a summery for a ltim short story?

Asimov is widely considered a master of the science-fiction genre and, along with Robert A. Each story shows …more This story tells us an enigma. View all 3 comments. The Last Question by Isaac Asimov.


What do you mean you don’t understand entropy? The story perse is a bunch of conversations between laymen across different times in the future. See 2 questions about The Last Question…. Space and time being so closely linked, quuestion was it we could only move forward in time?

View all 7 comments. Second story, humans are in Space. View all 8 comments. Do I need to know abut the other works of Issac to Understand this Story? And chances are, at the rate at which humans deplete resources and hunt newer ones down, this story will make total sense even after a years or may be more, but not forever [hopefully]. Our Sun will support life for billions of years, but what happens when it burns out?

This question, propelled by man’s innate desire to live forever, is oft repeated, yet never is there enough data to give a “meaningful answer” by the pansophical Multivac, a self-learning machine capable of evolving and expanding itself into the universe, which humans have now found themselves increasingly dependent on.

Deben leerlo, no toma mas de 30 minutos. Dec 13, Pooja rated it it was amazing Shelves: