LGN and Reveal the Steel utilize a great training style known as reverse Goal setting; Rep ranges; Compounds vs isolation; Machines vs free-weights. Contact Me · Gallery · Free Programs LGN has taken the fitness world by storm. Within the LGN program you will find the following. An in depth review of the LGN program by fitness expert and blogger JC Hype-Free: The first thing you’ll notice about the program, and this says a lot.

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Somewhere in there, you need to figure out how much food to eat via the macronutrient calculators.

That was until JC mentioned a new program he wanted to test. Appeal to authority, you say? Free have only read through them. Prior to starting JC’s program, I had been lifting heavy and getting stronger for a couple of years.

Please understand that LGN is not just another fitness course with impractical advice, rigid meal timing guidelines, or training programs that are too complicated or take up a ton of freee precious time. It makes total sense and the results speak for themselves.

My LGN365 Review

And this is what I want to share with you — the how-to’s of building your physique, and then how to maintain what you’ve built. Keep reading to find out what I enjoyed about the guide, and to get a no-BS look at if it is the right solution for your physique goals.


How much progress could you make with a focused, and direct plan? Calculates Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Macronutrients.

Besides the great content, the best part of LGN is the overall attention to quality of the product. Find More Posts by fredd-bird. I knew how to do the heavy lifting in the gym, now I just had to follow the nutritional guidelines and things would be fine.

Rest 30 seconds and repeat.

Instead, JC is a realist. I’m off to a great start!


And no, I don’t get a single gln365 of commission by recommending it. After following this program, I have experienced some serious improvement in my physique. That was until JC mentioned a new program he wanted to test.

I can curl it like several times, even with my left arm. LGN has been a tremendous help with this and made life so much easier. Last summer this got even worse, I injured my back while deadlifting and I couldn’t even stand up straight for months.

My name is JC Deen, and I’m a fitness coach, trainer, and writer. Learn how to Look Great Naked, in Record Time, without wasting all your time in the gym Hey there, Are you tired of not getting the muscle gain and fat loss results you gln365 from your current training program?

LGN365 Review – How To Look Great Naked 365 Days A Year

One of the biggest aides was the nutrition program. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a diet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Enough so that I don’t think he would endorse some ripoff douchebag. For example, if you are using RPT in the rep range, you will pick a RM weight, and lift it for reps leave 1 rep in the tank of your max weight.


Read the sales pitchif you want. He has contributed to a range of fitness magazines; and he has written numerous articles all over the internet. I did actually get results, but they were far from positive. In the training guide JC goes over lg3n65 training techniques a bit more. Unfortunately the supplement industry has made it seem as if supplements are a shortcut that will get you to your goal. Program I Fat Loss Training: Improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

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Thanks For Stopping By! Frfe specifically about the fitness course LGN has helped you the most? Click here to learn more about LGN and purchase the program.