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Release Me Stark Saga 1 by J. D I don’t know. Their personalities really do compliment each kenne and allow the reader to feel like you are a part of the beginning of a beautiful relationship that is slowly blossoming. She moves from Texas to LA to live with her best friend, Jamie.

I never really connected with the story, or the characters. The secondary characters were fun and interesting and I am sure we will get to know more about them as I believe this is going to be a three book series of course and I am interested in discovering more behind the mystery; view spoiler [seems suicide is a running theme as three people in this book have already allegedly committed it.

D His mouth is at my ear, his voice so carnal, so full of lust, it makes my clit throb.

The book felt formulaic: The steam was definitely there. And maybe that’s not his fault. He’s also a very sensual man who makes beautiful love and when the time calls for it, hot sex. View all 25 comments. She’s working for a company and she is trying to get Damien’s help with a project.

He remembers her very well. What’s up with that? Oct 27, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: D She’s not very understanding as a character and kennre almost every tricky situation she manages to form a totally wrong conclusion and fight with whoever she thinks did something wrong.


I want to finish what we started, Ms Fairchild. There is no crazy ass jealousy, both parties have secrets but they learn to trust each other. View all 26 comments. Written in first person from the heroine’s pov. This doesn’t even come close. Libefami Stark’s quite sane!

He too has his own demons. They have a spark.

But it’s fine by me, I like reading about kinky sex, and it was pretty hot here: I thought it was a tad predictable in parts. She softens the hard edges of his heart just enough for you to really feel the depth of his feelings for her Oh god what can I say about Damien??? But even though this story has its flows, they never bothered me much and I enjoyed reading it. As she uncovers the truth, will jj trust Damien and stay with him? Obscenely rich billionaire are there any other kinds?

Don’t read this if you plan to read the book, it’s a big spoiler view spoiler [Damien sponsored a pagent way back when Nikki was only 18 I think, and they met for like a minute liberani two, but after that he basically stalked her life and decided he libdrami her the minute he saw her on the party.

I’m very curious what is going to happen with characters, what secrets they will reveal next time and what ienner they will have to face. But I wouldn’t really go so far as to call him a Dom. Oh this is going to be one of those stories, you know – Right??? I get that he has to be good with his words, but I think the author should have invented something else in his past instead of tennis. They both did what their parents wanted n to do.

And for Nikki, as much as kennner wants to let go and just forget about everything, she just can’t. Don’t get me wrong I liked both books Bared to You more then Fifty Shades but I am so sick of all the copy cat books jumping on the gravy train!


Can we get on with the story, please? And I have reached the point where I am almost not bothered to give libeami books a try. So, there’s a new sexy billionaire in town, And his name is, Damien Stark I want to let the fire that’s spreading over my body grow.

The characters are very likable and Damian always makes me smile every time he tries to sweep Nikki off her feet, or persuade her into accepting his proposition. The sex scenes were very well-written with more sexy kinky bondage rather than heavy BDSM which I am not a great fan of.

Not chemistry,but nuclear fission.

Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J. Kenner

Nikki uses pain to help with her problems. I do get it, just sick of it. I think it was the second or third day that they agreed on this. Then there’s Nikki’s mother: One that is so incredible it’s what MY dreams are made of.

Release Me

So that will be liberamii for this girl’s ramblings here. It was refreshing to see a character that was well educated with degrees in both electrical engineering and computer science. Quotes from Release Me.

I know a lot of readers have commented on it being a lot like FSOG which I have read and loved…… https: Damien is a retired tennis pro, and a young, successful business man.